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The Six Guiding Forces Of Our Soul Blueprint

Do you know what the most influential forces for our system are? This time blesses us with  an opportunity  to see what’s useful and what’s not for our learning, growth and expansion, and to channel a new, vibrant energy into prioritising where we place your energy. There is a lot of great spiritual insight to be seen at this time. So, I want to share with you some of the incredible guiding forces that are moving us into our future potential and hope that this helps you align to your Soul Blueprint and focus in on what’s relevant to your path…

  1. Celestial bodies including planets, Earth, zodiac and Nakshatra constellations.

  2. DNA coding including our ancestral line.

  3. Past life karma (conditioning) and punya (merit).

  4. The stories of what happened to us in this life.

  5. Guides.

  6. The Higher Self.

Wow. Just reading this list makes me excited about the potential of human experience. When we break it down in this way – we can get a clear Blueprint of our journey for this life.

It can be really confusing out there at spiritual cyber-sea with alluring workshops and trainings, people we know sharing what works for them, and fear-mongering sales pitches that lead us to believe we lack something. It can be a challenge to discern between it all and know what’s beneficial to us and aligned to our journey.

So here are my top enquiry tips to help you get deeper into learning about how the six guiding forces are influencing you.

  1. Do you have a natural curiosity for Astrology, a particular planet, zodiac or feel the influence of the Moon or Sun? Do you have a  longing or curiosity to deepen your connection to the Celestial forces? They may be calling you.

  2. Do you want to break Ancestral patterns that repeat through you? Do you want to activate your DNA to develop your superpowers? You may be opening to receive new and upgraded coding.

  3. Are there certain skills you have or knowledge you have that dont feel ‘new’? Do you sometimes feel like you’ve been here before and are just continuing your work? You may have subtle memories of past lives.

  4. Do you feel that you have some important lessons to learn from your own life journey that are going to help others to grow and evolve? Your karma and built up knowledge from the past may be your richest treasure.

  5. Do you feel that you are guided or supported by unseen forces? Do you have animals, plants, angels, deities or other guides often appearing in your life? Your guides may be connecting with you.

  6. Are there times when you feel a strong and deep ‘knowing’ inside and get a message or guidance? It can be so strong you don’t even question it – you know you must follow it. Your Higher Self may be sharing information with you.

If you want to learn how to tap deeper into your Soul Blueprint and have greater access to skills, tools and guidance, from these 6 forces and more… Take a look at out new practitioner training programme starting in September. In this course, we cover working with these six guiding forces to guide you to realise and step into your potential.

 ∞   E N E R G Y   M E D I C I N E    P R A C T I T I O N E R   T R A I N I N G  ∞

Tuesday 20th September 2022 – Tuesday 10th January 2023

∞ Learn to be  a trauma and IFS-informed energy healing facilitator with robust therapeutic skills ∞

Information & Registration

Key Benefits:

▵ Be safely held and guided through your inner healing journey, processes and challenges and feel confident to do the same for your clients

▵ Learn how to work with your parts, emotions and heal trauma through the basic Internal Family Systems model as well as apply that to your work

▵ Clear karma, stagnant energy and burdens that will take you to the next phase of your healing and understand how to support your clients

▵ Feel confident and empowered to navigate your self-healing journey and those of your clients

▵ Start to become more embodied and feel your mind and body connection come more under your command

▵ Be initiated into working with foundational level trauma-informed wisdom and practice that will set you apart in your field and boost your professional practice and credibility

▵ Understand the basics of detoxification of metabolites, toxins and old, burdened energy

▵ Feel part of a thriving, beautiful community

As part of the course, we are offering optional integration Ceremonies throughout the 5 months to take the teachings deeper and gain profound insight into your Self, skills and the nature of reality.

Feel free to visit our course website and book a Discovery Call to see if this is the right fit for you. We would be honoured to hold this space for you and welcome you into this powerful constellation which is already forming. This is an Energy Medicine course like no other.

A Very Powerful Solstice Portal

Solstice Blessings Divine One

Everytime I look at the astrological charts, I can see a little bit more than before, because I am constantly purifying how I perceive the world around me. I am seeing, feeling and knowing a new dimension of our reality – perfectly held in holographic geometry and coded by the Celestial bodies. The energies that these beings beam on us are literally the most influential for those of us who are choosing to draw them in. 

When we make an intention to align to our purpose, power and journey through our challenges, we inadvertently also say “bring it on” to learning from them. And if we choose not to see what is there to be learned often it keeps coming back until we see the signs. Along with the nature beings on Earth, our own accumulated energy from past lives (karma) and the energy that we work with – the Celestial bodies are one of the most influential energies on us humans.

Some of the planets, particularly the big ones for us like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, Moon and Sun, play an important role in helping us see and navigate our karma, transmute and transcend it and take the lessons to be woven into the fabric of the universe. And right now, they are holding us in these vortexes in a phenomenal way. The time is now for catalyzing the shift happening on this planet. And if you’ve made an intention to be part of this movement – the big planets are coming for you – to wrap you in their love and help you see the path.

I am astounded by the number of beings right now, around me that seem to be going through some sort of big clearing, releasing or transcending of the old – or major recalibration of perspective. For some of us, it’s been a tough ride, for others it’s been effortless. These old energies simply cannot exist within the frequencies we are upgrading to. 

The Solstice Portal is simply another opportunity to step into the reality of what we are creating together here. To be more authentically ourselves and on our own path. It’s a gateway to Initiate yourself into a further conscious alignment of purpose and power where you see a little more clearly that all of this is happening for you – to experience it – rather than to you – to become  victim of it.

We are stepping through the 5th Dimensional gateways as we set the intentions and prayers for peace, joy, happiness, healing… Take responsibility for these words… They are powerful.

If we work on our energy, refine our consciousness and then create powerful prayers – and then choose not to do the work in the moment to stay in our presence – to step out of the story and therefore bondage to the stagnant energies holding us back – then the universe course corrects us and it doesn’t always feel great. The recalibration has been intense for some of us, but its all part of the journey. Continue to trust in yourself and the path set out before you.

The only way we can contextualise what is happening is by remembering that created the intention to step into our path and the energies upgrading us mean that the burdened energy can no longer exist within those frequencies.

The purge is real. Be careful of the trap of the purge story itself, the allure of it. Stay focussed on your self-care and doing what you need to journey through the release.

Initiate yourself and be reminded of why you are on this path. Stay blessed and in awe of miracle dear one.

All my love and blessings xoxox

Sacred Rituals & Ceremonies

Sacred rituals are conscious technologies, or acts of ceremony or devotional practices that can mindfully be incorporated into daily routines. An example of this is Puja, a ritual form the Vedic tradition, which is a foundational sacred practice. When incorporated in the morning, first thing, it assists in refining one’s consciousness . It places one in a state of receptivity, to the presence of grace. Puja allows one to be aligned to the flow of love, recognising the sacredness that is everywhere . There is incredible power in the practice of such rituals.

Puja and other rituals that honour, work with or offer the elements, attune us to nature and our place into it, establishing us as the creator of our world. Through the recognition of the role that the 5 elements play in the fundamental creation of this matrix, and the continual practice of this connection – energy and merit is generated within our own fields that we can use toward many aspects of life and living, such as healing, distant healing, consciousness evolution and more magic. Essentially – we affirm our ability to create our reality, alchemising with the elements and place ourselves at the centre of this reality. This is pure “flow”, “manifestation” or “creativity”.

Puja is normally a practice for or around sunrise. When practised first thing, before anything else, it sets up one’s energy for the day.  A similar sacred ritual can be done at sunrise – this is called Aarti. 

At my teacher trainings and space-holder courses, I teach my students how these rituals influence the flow state, manifest abundance, and establish us in the seat of the creator. I teach about the importance of aligning to nature including the Celestial bodies, our ultimate space holder, in order for us to come into Natural Law, Natural Time and reprogram the mechanism by which we flow effortlessley and manifest our reality.

I also teach my students how to conduct ceremonies of self-initiation, working with the elements such as fire ceremonies, working with plant spirits, rites of passage, moon bleed rituals and more.

For me, ceremony is a psycho-spiritual experience which facilitates emotional and trauma healing as we reintegrate the fragmented, exiled or lost parts of our mind or inner world. As we journey through inner reflection, parts work or coaching, and at the same time, integrate sacred rituals into our lives regularly – we amplify the outcomes for our wellbeing. What we are doing is getting deeply in touch inside and then bringing those new connections with our inner parts into the outside world to align with nature and heal our separation with nature (one of the ultimate core wounds) once and for all.

For me, there is nothing more powerful that recognising our place in nature and healing the separation wound with nature, through the integration of our being and our parts, with nature. This is a process that heals all parts of us, mind, body and spirit. 

A common aspect of the human condition is that we have tricked ourself into the illusion of “modernism” when actually, the ancients were playing with more advanced technologies than we are now. In this new Epoch – Dwarpara Yuga – characterised by the growth of technology in all it’s forms… We have the opportunity to refine our perception of technology, and learn to use it for the highest and greatest good, as well as to further human consciousness.

I am so excited to welcome a new season of ritual, ceremony and celebration with my community, offline and online. Watch out for more upcoming gatherings and opportunities.

I made this video a little while back about why we teach our students how to work with and align to nature, you may find it interesting.

Love you Dear Divine One



Sweet Coco Red Curry

Those of you that know my recipes know that I absolutely LOVE coconut. Being an island girl (from Mauritius Island) I cannot resist a good coconut and rely on the healthy fats for balanced nutrition.

I’ve recently received many requests for recipes of easy, one-pot meals so here’s another beautiful, balanced meal that is literally easy-peasy and super high vibe nutritious with ample protein and healthy fats. And all in one pot.


6 medium/4 large portions

Preparation time:

20 minutes

Cooking time:

20 minutes


1 medium/large sweet potato cut into medium cubes

1 large onion

1 leek optional

2 inches ginger pummeled

2 cloves garlic mashed

2 tsp curry powder (coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, chilli, ginger, mustard, fennel, dill, garlic, cumin, salt – all powder/ground)

1 tsp Ras-El-Hanout powder (cardamon, ginger, mace, black pepper, turmeric, chilli, fennel, nutmeg, all slice, cumin, paprika, clove, lavender, rose petals)

1/2 – 1 courgette cubed

1 1/2 cups cooked kidney beans

1/2 medium cauliflower chopped

1 stock cube

1/2 block of coconut creme

2 tbsp unflavoured coconut oil

3/4 litre of filtered water – use only as much as you need

1 can chopped tomatoes

Big handful of chopped greens

Fresh herbs chopped to garnish


1. Steam the sweet potatoes until tender yet still fairly firm. Unless you want them to mash up a little in the curry which makes the sauce nice, thick and creamy.

2. Fry the leeks, onion and ginger in the oil on a medium heat. When you can smell the flavours lift, add one or both spice mixes.

3. Fry for a couple of minutes tops to toast the spices and stir to coat the mix.

4. Add the chopped tomatoes and coconut creme and simmer gently until the coconut has melted.

5. Add in around 1/2 litre of water and give a good mix.

6. Add the courgette, cauliflower and any other vegetable. Allow this to simmer and cook through, perhaps another 6 minutes or so.

7. Add the stock cube to a little booking water and mash/dissolve well. Pour into the curry and mix well.

8. Add in the cooked kidney beans, chopped greens and sweet potatoes. Mix well with a metal spoon which minimises mashing. Taste and season well with salt and pepper.

9. Add in any more boiled water to create the sauce consistency you want.

10. Put the lid on and leave for 5 minutes to allow the last few ingredients to hear through.

11. Sprinkle over the chopped herbs to garnish then serve!


Serving suggestion: add cooked aubergine, sprinkle over vegan cheese and serve with a green salad (fennel, lettuce, dried cranberries and blueberries, walnuts, cashew nuts, kale)

Decolonising within on a land with an old colonial legacy

It’s 19/12/19 and in at my.home in Péréybere, Mauritius… An auspicious day to be sharing this transmission.

Never before have I been so acutely attuned to the patterns, belief systems and triggers I hold within me that are residues of colonial conditioning. As I sit here on the land in Mauritius, the land my ancesestors came to as part of their path to activating their vision… I am being fed everything I need to see what old energy still resides in me.

I’m holding that space within to really observe it… Something old can crop up that I thought I had cleared but I guess I hadn’t.

Sometimes a part of me feels devastated at what it’s seeing. Sometimes parts of me feel like it’s tough.

The fact that I’m blending a lot with parts of me that want to shut me down is a clear sign that huge karma and ancestral burdens are being unearthed within me that’s shaking up my world. It’s deep, challenging, old energy that can feel discomforting… And it’s all part of this cycle of clearing, purifying, renewing. It’s a crucial part of manifesting my mission and vision. On the path to liberation…

To be able to stay relatively stable, my core maintained and my self in awareness… Evolution is a blessing. I’m so thankful to be here.

We don’t have to have been directly affected my colonisation to have been conditioned by it. Colonisation of the mind and body (and land, economies etc) is still happening by covert and explicit means.

The principles and values of colonisation have found their way weaved into every facet of life, the competition and conflict, struggle and strife phenomenon that is seen as vital and natural to human evolution. Totally normalised.

So from today we can write a new programme and hardwire that into our system. Other programmes can be uploaded that refine and rewire the old programmes too.

Here’s a transmission I did the other day you may find useful, especially if the need to decolonise ressonates.

I’m so thankful to everyone around me whose playing a part in this phase.

Click on the video below to watch it.

Immune boosting tropical smoothie

This smoothie is perfect for summer! Of course it is! You can just feel by looking at it that its going to be super nourishing, healthy and DIVINELY tasty! And it so is!You can even make ice lollies out of this recipe! Just add more mango to make it extra tasty!This smoothie is high in vitamin C making it so nourishing for the immune system and with added therapeutic turmeric – its even more immune boosting. With the added supplement, inulin and given all the fibre that the mango has, the smoothie is also great for the digestive system, particularly feeding the helpful bacteria in the gut. The B-vitamin supplements help support our energy levels and hormones too. So all around, a great daytime smoothie!


3 medium/2 large glasses

Preparation time:

5 minutes

Cooking time:

1 minute blending time


1 mango – you can add in 2 to make this extra mango-y – just add in a bit more liquid for the right consistency.

Juice of 1 orange

1/2 cup water

2 cups coconut milk

2 tbsp dried coconut of coconut creme

2 tbsp flax seeds

2 tbsp chia seeds

4 tbsp inulin from chikory root

1 tbsp dried turmeric power or 4 Pukka Turmeric Wholistic capsules

24 drops Biocare Nutrisorb Liquid Methly-B Complex


  1. Add in all the ingredients into a blender except the chia seeds.
  2. Add in the chia seeds and stir with a spoon making sure the chia seeds are submerged.
  3. Wait for 10 minutes for the chia seeds to soak.
  4. Blend on medium speed for 1 minute or until smooth.

Serve & enjoy!

High protein detox soup

This week we are in Week 4 of our Holistic Liver Detox 6 Week Online Course, and things are getting intense! So many of us have got out “stuff” really coming up to the surface to be witnessed and cleared – that indeed is central to this process! We’ve been getting our lifestyle and diet just right, making tweaks, incorporating mew food preparation techniques, new products, new types of food… We’ve been making smoothies and hydrating liver tonic juices…

We’ve been doing meditation and yogic practices, doing mindful activities and more! But now with the detox really kicking in and being at its most intense – we just need delicious, comforting, nutrient rich, protein dense detoxing soupy foods to keep us going. And no-fuss – no brain needed – easy and quick, cos there’s just too much going on already! So when you’re in this spot – here’s a meal made simple and straightforward….


2 generous portions

Preparation time:

Time to soak lentils & beans overnight or until sprouted

On the day – 10 minutes

Cooking time:

45 minutes plus overnight soaking


20 minutes if using pre-booked lentils and beans


1 tbsp coconut oil

1 leek

1 veggie yeast free stock cube

4 cups filtered water

Big handful coriander including stalks – cut 1/3 or half the stalks off and finely chop those – take half of whats remaining and chop roughly

Big handful spinach

Few sprigs of thyme

10 curry leaves

1/2 cup coconut milk (optional)

2 tomatoes chopped

1 large inch ginger – mashed/pummelled

1 large garlic cloves – mashed/pummelled

Any other veg you want to chuck in – courgette, peas, carrots, sweetcorn – anything

2 cups cooked lentils – the best is soaked overnight to remove gas/over 2 days till sprouted or tinned/canned

1 cup of any type of beans – the best is soaked overnight to remove gas or tinned/canned

1tsp turmeric powder

1/4 tsp jeera (cumin)

Himalayan pink salt and ground back pepper

Cooked jackfruit to add at the end


  1. Lightly, gently fry the leeks, thyme, curry leaves, turmeric, cumin, black pepper, finely chopped coriander stalk, garlic and ginger to create your spice base. After a couple of minutes, add the chopped tomatoes and cook those down until they are becoming like a paste.
  2. Add in the cooked lentils and beans and the water boiled. Add the stock cube and mash well. Allow the whole mix to simmer gently for a few minutes to allow the flavours to infuse.
  3. Remove the spinach stalks and chop some of the larger spinach leaves. Add the spinach to the top of the coup. Add the roughly chopped coriander to the top of that. Put the lid on, turn the soup down to the lowest setting and leave. After 5 or 7 minutes, the spinach should be nicely wilted, still retaining its deep green colour. Turn off the heat.
  4. Mix the soup and serve. I like to keep some of the coriander sprigs and serve them longer with the bowls of soup. I also add cooked jackfruit and peas for extra protein.
  5. To make this more detoxing – double the amount of turmeric and add in more spinach and coriander, specially fresh coriander to garnish.


Winter warmer 15 minute bean stew

I’ve just come home after being away working and travelling in Mexico and Guatemala for 5 weeks and the first thing I wanted is flavoursome winter warming grounding food to anchor me into home…. There’s nothing like homemade stew to get you reaquainted with winter and a cosy home…

Plus having been in Central America, I’m so into beans but missing a good ‘ol stew! So here’s my 10 minute quickie for you to enjoy…


2 large portions

Preparation time:

10 minutes

Cooking time:

15 minutes


1 tsp coconut oil

1 tin of organic baked neans

1 large onion, sliced or cubed

Few sprigs of fresh thyme or 1 tsp dried

8 – 10 curry leaves

4 – 6 tbsp coconut creme (to your taste)

1/2 courgette, thinly sliced

4 – 6 tbsp sweetcorn

1 clove garlic

1/2 pint veggie stock (more of less depending the consistency you want)

1 tsp curry powder

A few sprigs of fresh corianer


Any leftovers you have in the fridge

Other veggies like spinach, chickpeas, carrots, peas, brocolli, mushrooms etc.


1. Add the coconut oil to a saucepan with the onions, courgettes, thyme, curry leaves, curry powder and any other veggies that we’d to be cooked you have except leaves like spinach which you out in at the end. Gently simmer on a low – medium heat until soft and fragrant.

2. Add in the baked beans, coconut creme, veggie stock. Be mindful of adding the veggie stock… If you want the stew more liquid-y add in more. Stir well frequently.

3. Add in the optional leftover food or cooked veggies at this point like the sweetcorn or the optional veggies like, chickpeas or peas.

4. Crush the garlic, chop and throw in, giving it a good stir.

5. Add in any leafy greens and out a lid on the pot. Switch off the heat. Leave for 5 mins while you choose up coriander or other herbs to garnish.

6. Sprinkle over garnish and serve.



Have you ever thought about how the colonist and imperialist structures and forces in the outside world have permeated and influenced the most intimate aspects of our being?

For example, how the warped-weird commoditised view of sex has created generations of young people who believe that sex is a disposable, rough, bish-bash-bosh, tick off a list experience… Not a sacred, act of unity between two powerful energy systems that connects the most creative dimensions of our beings together…?

Or how about the overwhelming impulse for everyone to tell each other all the time what to do and how to do it, when to do it and opinions about how they are doing it… Rather than seeing each person as being on their special journey of self-empowerment and enabling them as much as possible to work things out for themselves and come to you when they want support…

These are just 2 examples of coloniser patterns within us… The more we look for them, the more we find…

The process of unravelling from colonisation is not straightforward… Just when you think you’ve done a chunk… something else hits you… Like a tidal wave thats come outa no where…

What do I want to say about Colonisation – Decolonisation? I guess, just that for me, its a lifetime of shedding the imperialist structures and patternings that have colonised by being … Of freeing myself from the heavy residues left from from colonist oppression.

The colonised become the colonisers – the victims become the perpetrators – the judged become the judges… It never ends, the cycle continues.

Until awareness. That we are not it and it is not us.

The awareness that those pattern live within us to teach us how to be free and open, compassionate and caring.

Until we clear these patternings, they perpetuate within and without us…

Please watch these videos with an open heart.

I will be sharing more works on Decolonisation as time goes on, For now, enjoy.

Love, Natasha Anand xx

5 things you can do right now to boost your immune health

How many of us wait till we’ve got a cold or flu to tank up on Vitamin C and other natural medicines? Trust, me, I’ve been through this. Year after year I feel like I’m getting a little more preventative… It’s a process, you see, especially when we’ve been really used to just taking medicine when we need it.

We honour you and your journey – so here are 5 thing you can do today to strengthen your immune system and stay strong and powerful this winter…


Increase intake of foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in your diet is important for fighting oxidative atress but also ensuring your immune system has the building blocks it needs like vitamins A, C, E, D, E and zinc, selenium and magnesium to name just a few. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables such as berries, citrus, avocado, broccoli, red and green peppers as well as herbs and other herbs and spices such as garlic, ginger, coriander, echinacea (fresh or potent essential oils are good too). Prebiotic/fermented foods feed the beneficial bacteria in the gut – apple cider vinegar, kefir, kombucha, kimchi, asparagus, onions, garlic, leek, Jerusalem artichoke, sauerkraut, oats, apples, cacao, flax seeds, konjac/burdock/yakon/jicama/chicory root, seaweed, miso, tofu, tempeh, tamari (these must be organic if they are soy based). A good multi-vitamin may help too… See below for our recommended product provider. Read our article about antioxidants here.


Exercise more – this can be a long walk or a simple exercise routine… aim for at least 3 times a week and make sure to prioritise this if you tend to go from home to car to desk. Exercise can strengthen your heart which as a result can improve your blood circulation and release of toxins. Moving your muscles will improve the movement of lymph and quicker release of toxins too. Any form of physical activity can improve mental health and mood as well as help dealing with stress by releasing certain chemicals and happy hormones!


Spend more time in the sun in order to increase levels of vitamin D3 – 20 minutes a day exposing your face, arms and legs should do it… This may be challenging, especially when it’s cold outside! We’re known for having limited sunlight up North so a supplement may be necessary if you arent able to get the kind of exposure you need. Check your Vitamin D levels to find out if you have enough vitamin D stored away for the winter and then check again after the winter to see where you are.


Good sleep is so fundamental to our health! There are so many other nutrients and processes that are involved with sleep, particularly related to our hormones that help regulate mood and sleep. Research also shows that our blood sugar levels can become more elevated in the morning and throughout the day if we haven;t slept well the night before – and this causes inflammation in the body! Learn how to improve your sleep hygiene and get deeper, higher quality sleep – Read my article about this here.


Reduce your dependancies with harmful and toxic chemicals, foods and drugs like alcohol, cigarettes, sugar. These can affect our immune system significantly and increase chances of infections as well as delay our immune response to them. Alcohol has a strong, negative effect on the liver function which in turn can affect your body’s strength to release toxins from the bloodstream. Sugar related toxins also increase  At this time of year, we could focus on preventing ourselves from catching any of the viruses and bacteria bourne illnesses – so reducing our toxic load is important. Learn about our body’s innate detoxification system here to go a step further! / Or find out about how probiotics can help detox harmful toxins.

What can we do to help you improve your immune system?

Arrange a FREE 20 minute consultation to explore how we could help you through our complementary holistic therapies. Email Natasha Boojihawon on

Come to your Evolve yoga class to boost your energy systems, reprogramme your body’s response to to toxins and pathogens, and cleanse toxic debris! Literally empower your immune system with high vibe energy!

Use essential oils you can purchase which give the body potent, high quality, therapeutic doses of many of the nutrients discussed above such as rosemary, hemp, thyme, ginger, frankincense (boswellia), chamomile, clove, oregano, grapefruit, fennel, helichrysum, juniper berry, lavender, melaleuca, rosemary, wild orange. Buy amazing potent, clean essential oils from our online shop!
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Love, Natasha Anand xxx