Natasha Anand Boojihawon

I support people on their path of self-mastery to get aligned and do deep healing gracefully, so they can be free and have a powerful impact on the world.

As a guardian and keeper of the earth, I care deeply about the journey that souls are on – that this journey has its ups and downs and flows and ebbs in different ways. With so much loss and disconnection, we have become overcome and stifled by our individual and collective shadow and for many of us, our healing and growth has become a painful struggle.

Many people intuitively feel they can evolve but feel stuck, confused and lost, believing life is a struggle and healing and evolution is arduous. Others know what they want, but don’t know how to get there.

I want to help people work through their challenges, overcome their blocks and grow with as much grace and ease as they can because healing is a natural and integral part of our human experience and doesn’t have to be daunting and depressing all the time.

I also want for people to feel confident to realise and step into their roles on planet earth with clarity and courage, so that humanity can come together and create the new reality for the evolution of the planet and all sentient beings.

My Vision is for all humans to be aligned to their self/soul energy and to embody oneness, creating and contributing to love, harmony, abundance and joy on planet earth.

I come from a long line of visionary souls through my ancestral lineage, teachers and guides that have been at the forefront of shifting planetary consciousness. I carry their teachings forward with my own experience overcoming 2 auto-immune health conditions, addiction and burnout.

I have also experienced a lifetime of sacred indigenous wisdom from the Yog-Vedantic and Tantric lineages, 12 years experience working with some of the most marginalised and vulnerable people in the Northwest of England  through my 10 year old prolific Manchester-based social enterprise, Union Street Media Arts and Earth Clinic & School. I have spent 8 years working in wellness.

I have trained as a Coach, Master Teacher of Energy Medicine ( working with Reiki, Sekhem, Spiritual Crystal Healing, quantum modalities, sacred geometry), Master Teacher of Integrated Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation (Sattva Yoga), Naturopathic Nutritionist (College of Naturopathic Medicine) and Internal Family Systems Psycho-Spiritual Therapy with a trauma-informed edge.

I also have training and experience in Shamanic Practices, Earthkeeping/Geomancy and have created and taught my own Holistic Coaching model. I  exercise my vision as a conscious leader of tomorrow.

Read more about my personal journey on this WDDTY article.

Why am I so
powerful at what I do?

  • I have a TRACK RECORD of consistent results over 6 years supporting people to bring imbalances into alignment through holistic medicine.
  • I have numerous CLIENT CASE STUDIES that demonstrate my methods support people to heal and evolve, faster and get deeper, life-lasting outcomes.
  • My unique HOLISTIC LIFE REVIEW is our proprietary assessment taking a fully holistic view of your life that helps you identify the root causes at the core of your issues.  
  • I fuse together cutting-edge, trauma-informed, technologies and modalities that get sustainable results and re-activates people to their innate wisdom, technologies and resources.
  • My PROGRAMMES & COURSES distil almost 2 decades of research, experience and practice into a simple, step-by-step guide on how to holistically heal and evolve gracefully.
  • I continue to develop and refine my work through practice, which helps create profound outcomes for my clients. 
  • I practice what I preach and strive for the principles of AUTHENTICITY & INTEGRITY, having a powerful daily practice and honest, open approach.
  • I put SAFEGUARDING and TRUST at the heart of my work so that I create the most held environments, conducive to deep healing.
  • I am DEEPLY CONNECTED to my higher self and to the Supreme field of consciousness from where I continuously channel wisdom and knowledge.
  • “I have done several workshops and had one to one sessions with Natasha and have found her to be incredibly personable, attentive and knowledgeable across a wide range of therapies.

  • ” She has a wonderful magical way about her and it is always a pleasure to visit her. It is my absolute pleasure to offer this recommendation.”


  • “Authentic & real gifted teachers can be few and far to come by & find in the hustle & bustle of a city like Manchester. I am eternally grateful I was guided to Natasha Anand. The course I attended reconnected me to my source on a deep level, with in-depth philosophy & teachings in a real sacred safe space. I have extended my learnings with Natasha as her energy & wisdom has brought me back to a place I strayed away from for some time. I recommend Natasha & her courses, you will be grateful, as am I.”


  • “ I couldn’t think of a safer place to be to learn, grow and heal.”


  • “It seems to me like Natasha Anand was born to teach. I came away with new techniques on how to not only help others heal, but on how to heal myself also.”


  • “Natasha has many years of working in communities using a deeply holistic approach. She understands well the challenges of working with marginalised communities and vulnerable people at the grass roots. She is passionate in her vision for supporting people to deliver the best outcomes and remain well and healthy as workers and individuals.”