Natasha Anand Boojihawon

My vision is that all people have access to powerful and effective guides, teachers, therapists and facilitators that are supportive, clear vessels to support their journeys of deep healing, remembrance and awakening.

In my early days as a practitioner, I didn’t have many holistic guides around me to show me the way. I learned through trial and error, navigating the ups and downs, going with the flowand pushing against the tide. I did it all. I made all the “mistakes” and “crashed and burned”many times.

During those early days, I went through my dark night of the soul. I developed another auto immune condition (I’d already developed ulcerative colitis at 16 years) and hormone imbalance triggered by unresolved trauma, an cestralburdens and addiction.

I wanted to have an impact on my community but felt stuck and lost, unable to respond tomy own needs, let alone others. This initiated my Shamanic death and rebirth into my newphase.

I then found my first spiritual teacher, Rooma Kishna.She met me with such humility and humbleness, doused in a depth of compassion and kindness,which never faltered, no matter what. She taught me how to deeply care formyself.

The initiations I experienced with Rooma and other incredible facilitators like Anne-MarieCrowther, Jay Harrigan, Dean James, Victoria Sinclair, Debra Delgyn and Stanley Stewart, Anand Mehrotra and Siddhi Ellinghoven set me up tobe the powerful facilitator, teacher and guide I am today.

They became my benchmark for what I’ve come to knowas Practitioners of Integrity.

This role of ‘teacher of teachers’ has taken me to the depths of myself, and still continues to, so that I can show up in the way that’s needed by my clients and students.

I am honoured to be a guide for others, lighting up the New Way, supporting current and future generations of holistic practitioners.

In the 'Beyond The Chrysalis' podcast recorded by Minal Bhanshali I share my story, what it is to embody the practices of Tantra and be an Earthkeeper.

I come from a long line of visionary souls through my ancestral lineage, teachers and guides that have been at the forefront of shifting planetary consciousness.

I have experienced a lifetime of indigenous wisdom from the Yog-Vedantic and Tantric lineages, 12 years experience working with some ofthe most marginalised and vulnerable people in the Northwest of England through my prolific Manchester-based social enterprise, Union Street Media Arts.

6 years ago I co-founded Earth Clinic & School with my life partner Roop SIngh Sagar and have spent the last 10 years working in wellness.

I’ve trained as a Coach, Master Teacher of Energy Medicine, Master Teacher of Integrated Yoga including Himalayan Kundalini, Mindfulness and Meditation (Sattva Yoga), Naturopathic Nutritionist (College of Naturopathic Medicine) and Internal Family Systems Psycho-Spiritual Therapy (level 2) with a trauma-informededge.

I have experience studying and working with shamanic and other indigenous pracices, which continues to deepen my Earthkeeping and Priestess path. I am known for running transformational gatherings, programmes and creating the most sacred and safe ceremonial spaces for deep healing and play.

Together with my partner and co-founder of Earth Clinic  & Earth School, we have created our own unique ‘Holistic Pathways’ signature processfor guiding practitioners, therapists and healers on transformational journeys of inner exploration, deep healing, practice up-leveling and Integrity Alignment.

Why am I so effectiveat what I do?

I have a TRACK RECORD of consistent results over 10 years supporting practitioners to develop and 6 years supporting through holistic medicine.

I have numerous CLIENT CASE STUDIES that demonstrate my methods support people to heal, upgrade and evolve, faster and get more impactful results.

My unique HOLISTIC PATHWAYS process is our proprietary formulae for taking practitioners on a journey of Self-Mastery to become Practitioners of Integrity.

I fuse together cutting-edge, TRAUMA-INFORMED, technologies and modalities that get sustainable results and re-activates people to their innate wisdom, technologies and resources.

My PROGRAMMES & COURSES distil almost 2 decades of research, experience and practice into a simple, step-by-step guide on how to holistically heal gracefully and evolve as a Holistic Practitioner of Integrity.

I continue to develop and REFINE my work through practice, which helps create our robust feedback system.

I do my best to embody principles I am aligned to such as AUTHENTICITY INTEGRITY, having a powerful daily practice and honest, open approach.

I put SAFE GUARDING and TRUST at the heart of my work so that I create the most held environments, conducive to deep exploration.

I am DEEPLY CONNECTED to my higher self and to the Supreme field of consciousness from where I continuously draw wisdomand knowledge.


“I have done several workshops and had one to onesessions with Natasha and have foundher to be incredibly personable, attentive and knowledgeable a cross a wide range oftherapies.

She has a wonderful magical way about her and it is always a pleasure to visit her. It is myabsolute pleasure to offer this recommendation.”


With Natasha’s teachings, she shifts the energy, she gets you breathing and gets you to move your body in a way that pushes the blockages out and gets the body flowing. She’s like the water that flows that purifies.


“Thank you for sharing this practice, I can tell this is your passion. You do it so well, please keep sharing.”


“Authentic & real gifted teachers can be few and far to come by & find in the hustle & bustle of a city like Manchester. I am eternally grateful I was guided to Natasha Anand. The course I attended reconnected me to my source on a deep level, with in-depth philosophy & teachings in a real sacred safe space. I have extended my learnings with Natasha as her energy & wisdom has brought me back to a place I strayed away from for some time. I recommend Natasha & her courses, you will be grateful, as am I.”


“It seems to me like Natasha Anand was born to teach. I came away with new techniques on how to not only help others heal, but on how to heal myself also.”