Natasha Anand Boojihawon

I create deeply healing, soul nourishing and lusciously indulgent gatherings, ceremonies, workshops and retreats that shift you into a blissful, liberating embodiment of what and who you really are.

Connection, community and coming together are natural aspects of being human, of the healing process and central to the work that I do. Over the years, I have held gatherings in nature, at beautiful retreat spaces around the UK and the world, in the Philippines, Mexico and Mauritius. I have also literally opened up my home, my lush temple space and my heart to create the most safe, soul nourishing and rejuvenating gatherings, ceremonies, workshops and retreats.

Ceremony for me is a celebration! It’s a chance to remind ourselves that we, ourselves are the creator of our reality. When we honour the elements, create intentions and prayers, we affirm our place in the universe and say – “Yes – I want to manifest a favourable timeline for myself!”. This ancient technology is also the technology of the future – it’s now we will create the new way – it’s a practice, an art.


  • “Natasha is an extremely approachable teacher, powerful healer and modern day medicine woman. I attended a breath-work ceremony and am so grateful. I felt totally held and supported throughout this deep journey. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to heal to seek out Natasha’s wisdom to help guide them on their journey.”


  • “Natasha’s Cosmic Breathwork Ceremonies are deep soul healing. Her humility, mysticism, wisdom and expertise have taken my journey much deeper than anyone so far. I am intrigued and excited to work with her this year. She has a special gift to be able to bring ancient sacred practices to life in a modern world , where they are needed more than ever. I cannot recommend her programmes and workshops enough. They are awe inspiring, cleansing, fascinating and mind blowing. She is a true priestess”


  • “Earth Clinic & School is a great place with wonderful people! Natasha is an amazing, caring and thoughtful person. The session was an unforgettable experience and I felt really comfortable and at ease from the very beginning. The atmosphere is extremely calming and soothing and you feel that you are being listened to.”


  • “The retreat I attended was pure bliss. A deep experience that shifted energy to where it was required and uplifted my soul. The space and guidance from Natasha was utterly divine. A home away from home to return home. I am incredibly grateful, thank you!!


  • “The day retreat I attended was magical – it flowed perfectly. We talked, ate beautiful food prepared with love. I felt the fire ceremony was really powerful. Learning the Sri Yantra practice and having the video to follow afterwards has been a great tool to add in to my morning routine. I would highly recommend it. The retreat was held in an amazing space too. Thank you for sharing this practice, I can tell this is your passion. You do it so well, please keep sharing. Oh and thinking of the cake still makes my mouth water!”