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How unburdening trauma connects us more deeply to our guides

Namaste Sangha! I’ve just come off 5 days of intensive training in Internal Family Systems Level 3, offered by the IFS Institute. It was a huge privilege and honour to be taught by the Legendary Richard Schwartz, the founder of the model, pioneer and global visionary.

I got to hear about his vision to change psychiatry and help establishments, governments and institutions transform the way they see the world – through the way they see themselves as individuals. MindBlowing. One of the many things that Dick shared that really got me thinking and feeling is that…

“We talk about how our parts affect the body – but the way you treat your body has a huge impact on your parts. Taking the holistic view, also do the work with your parts – and it’s important to eat well and everything else. It goes both ways basically. But the wellness industry has focussed too much on that type of self-care and not enough on parts. Focussing on the body too much can take over and that allows us to further stay away from our exiles (the traumatised parts of us – one one’s holding burdens, pain, suffering).”

So, this is very clear – I don’t need to dissect it too much – you get the point! I loved him pulling this out, because we really do not talk about this enough. The reason I am sharing this, is not to judge anyone for this – but to recognise why we might be bypassing our exiled parts and where that could be coming from… When we are burdened with trauma, ancestral wounds, past life trauma and old stagnant energy, it can feel scary to go there, into our exiles, and do that healing. The other parts in our system protect us from going into the pain, or burden by distracting us, suppressing it or other methods that take us away.

For those of us holding space for others, in various forms such as being a therapist, mother, father, doctor, teacher, healing facilitator, earthkeeper, or whatever… It’s important to understand that these burdens, and the protectors, holding us away from them, can create blockages or barriers to the other dimensions of help and support there is within our own system, for example, from our guides, and ancestors. In order for them to come through and share their wisdom, it helps to be clearer and that brings in more Self energy which also connects us more deeply to our guides and ancestors.

In this video, I talk about this a little, using the subject of working with guides as a way to explain why working on our own parts, protectors and exiles is important, especially if you are a space-holder.

And for those of you that want to journey deeper into yourself, to learn to navigate your healing journey at a deeper level, that will give you the wisdom and experience to help others navigate their own journeys please take a look at my new training course that starts this March. I am so so excited to share it with the world! Here’s to the coming generation of epic, trauma-informed, super stable space-holders!

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The nature of the mind – working with triggers, anxiety, fear & karma

In these testing challenging times  we go through ups and downs, sometimes feeling overwhelmed and overcome with our emotions and feelings. We can feel confused, lost and don’t know where to go next or how to transcend these difficult and uncomfortable situations. Ultimately, we must surrender to the journey which inevitably gives us opportunities to grow. It may not be easy, as we may often default to behaviors we have become accustomed too, like sadness, anger, frustration and even judgement of ourselves and others.

Fear, anxiety, stress and so on are energetic manifestations of what is stored deeply within our internal system and are somehow mechanisms of protection and soothing that the parts of our mind are creating in order for us to survive and move forward.

We may see situations, people and so on as threats because our internal system are trying to protect us. This is part of the natural inner workings of the mind that have become normal. This is how we perceive things, and our perception is something we can change.

Our thought processes, feeling states and/or behaviours form cycles that perpetuate each other and create more pain and suffering for us and those around us and this embeds these thought processes and belief systems further. We can get stuck in these cyclic loops and the feelings, emotions, behaviours and actions that arise become our default setting.

So how can we effectively navigate this and forge a path toward self-mastery?

We have an incredible system of internal protection, soothing and reaction that is managed by parts of our mind and body. Our mind is multiple, and where we may see the ego as a singular dominant energy, perhaps coming to see the mind as being multiple can help us to understand that we have different thought processes and belief systems held by the different parts of our mind that are often polorised.

Perhaps you’ve noticed when a situation occurs, for example, you’ve been invited to a party, you may have a part of you that is excited to go, but a part of you that is nervous about going, leaving us confused about what to do. This is an example of how we have these 2 differing parts within our mind that have different thought processes and belief systems. Learning to recognise these different parts, or entities and creating a dialogue with them is key to learning to overcome challenges with grace and ease.

The following article lays out a 6 step process toward creating a new internal relationship. There are videos to support this process.

Step #1 – Breathe

The breath has the power to dramatically shift our state of being in an instant through various mechanisms that are hardwired into our body and mind. Breathing consciously can bring:

  • A calming of the nervous system through activation of the parasympathetic nervous system – this is our ‘rest and digest’ mode that helps us relax, feel stable and promotes energy flow to the organs of the body like the digestive and reproductive systems.
  • More oxygen to the brain which gives us more clarity and space to think and come back to stability.
  • Help us focus on our stability and brings awareness to our sense of self and capacity to hold space for our self.
  • Energy as the breath itself is energy that can be used to replenish the system, especially when we feel anxious, burnt out or overwhelmed.
  • Space to be more aware of what is coming up which helps us deal with it.

Have a look at these videos that share some more wisdom on pranayama (breathwork) techniques and nervous system stabalising sets.

Nervous System Stabalising Breath Set 2

Nervous System Stabalising Breath Set 2

Step #2 – Notice From the Perspective of Self

Becoming consciously aware of how our inner world is working and what makes us tick is the important 1st step in being able to make corrections, adjustments or refinements to the mind. It starts with acknowledging and accepting how our mind works and how our parts are organised so that we can create a new kind of dialogue with our inner world that is evolutionary and helpful.

Too often we  suppress or push away uncomfortable feelings, emotions, thoughts or images we see and feel internally – this is saying to our inner world, specifically our parts – I don’t want to see/hear or feel this now – and this creates more distance between us and our inner world. If we want to overcome these difficulties, we must be able to sit with them, notice and acknowledge them so that we start to send the message that – this is important to me and I want to know more about this.

This step can often be the most difficult because we can easily forget to do this. Its all in the practice of conscious awareness that we grow this ability to notice. We may have to remind our self constantly to bring this awareness, attention and inner dialogue in, sometimes that in itself can bring up feelings or parts that are frustrated, but its a natural part of embedding this type of new awareness and dialogue.

When you bring awareness to your your internal world, specifically a part, take time to notice the different characteristics of it – how it feels, if there are any words or images associated with it, its appearance, perhaps its energy signature, where it is in the body and so on. This will help you recognise it in the future.

All this work is being done by our Self or Soul energy. This is the true essence of who we are. As a whole, we are also our parts – however, when we create this dialogue with our mind parts, we are doing it from Self energy. The practice is to keep remembering to come back into Self energy to create the dialogue with the parts from there.

Here’s a video about Triggers which speaks to the nature of triggers and sitting with them.

Step #3 – Acknowledge

As I’ve mentioned above, acknowledging goes hand in hand with noticing. We must do this explicitly with our voice, or internal self-talk where we literally send that message to those voices, visions, feelings or emotions we see and feel.

In this video, I talk about how we can reprogram our “anxiety” simply by changing the way we speak to ourselves about it. The labels we use and the very way we do this. Check it out.

We can say ‘I acknowledge this feeling’ or ‘I see you there’ or even ‘I understand how you feel’. Imagine you are speaking to a friend who has come to you to share how they are feeling, how would you respond to them? Speak in this way. Don’t try to jump in straight away with solutions  or fixits, just simply acknowledge and see what comes back. Give it time and space and watch how your internal system relaxes a little.

The following videos help to guide you through Steps #2 and #3.

Step #4 – Take Evolutionary Action

With clarity, space, energy and focus inward into our internal world, and having started a dialogue with our  mind, we can now take the action that’s needed to overcome the challenges that we face.

When we ask those parts of us that are triggered what they need, or how we can help, we can then negotiate with them and make committments to take the action that is required.

For example, if what’s needed is to take time out, then we can make a commitment to do that. If whats needed is to  contact someone for support, then we can do that too. The key is to listen carefully to what is coming up and take action on that.

Step #5 – Be Present to the Initial Trigger

If we are being present with the initial trigger that came up, for example, a part of us feels overburdened with our workload and we are sitting with that – another trigger may come up that demands our attention in that moment. So for example, a voice may some up saying ‘Just get on with it’ or a part of us may feel we are incapable. This is another part that is arising and it needs support too.

Often the secondary trigger that arises is an uncomfortable feeling, like a judgement or panic… And it’s natural for even a third part to arise that just wants to take us away – distract us or shut us off from all of this as its starting to become overwhelming. Seeing and feeling these parts as a separate parts is key.

In fact, these secondary and tertiary triggers can even take our attention away. This often creates a cascade of confusion, anxiety or overwhelm. Often then, we feel like we don’t know what to do and get stuck – paralysed.  This is EXACTLY where we need to do the work, because too often we miss that there is a second or third part of us being triggered.

We can use the same techniques as before, to acknowledge that trigger which is arising and give it space and time to be heard, seen and felt, so that it can be given the attention that it needs. That trigger can be worked with so that it relaxes and can give way for you to go back to the initial trigger and just be with that.

It’s this practice of untangling the different parts of us, or different energies in our system that all need attention and support.

Here are some videos that will guide you to stay present.

Step #6 – Release

In time, these practices will just become a natural part of who you are and how you engage with your internal world. You will remember more and more to fall back into this as your default setting – personal curious enquiry from Self.

Allow yourself to naturally flow with this new technique and find your own way with it. Your internal world will just be so happy you and tuning inward in a new way that you will make progress.

Integrating other holistic tools and practices is really important too to find your own way. Below are some videos that guide you to do this.

In time, your internal world will allow you to go deeper and deeper, the protective parts will relax and step aside and you will be able to get to the parts of you that carry karma (conditioned identity), samskara (the impressions of our past actions) and the burdens of trauma, and when the time is right, you will be able to let go of that. This is the process of release.

We are releasing, or unburdening all the time… Through the breath, meditation, movement, purging – there are lots of different ways. This spontaneously happens and then at some point, we realise something has shifted. Sometimes we don’t need for those stories or memories of what we are releasing to fully play out… Often the releasing happens on its own, without us even realising what it is or where it’s from. We don’t always need to know or analyse it.

This latter stage of releasing can also be facilitated through a therapist – for example an Internal Family Systems practitioner, a trauma-informed Energy Medicine or Reiki practitioner or other trauma-informed therapist. I would highly recommend that you seek this out – to be held – so that you can do deeper work when the time comes.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or feedback. All your parts are welcome here.

Heres a video sharing 3 Simple Ways to Neutralise Anxiety & Come Out of Paralysis

This video speaks to integrating other holistic aspects to working with triggers.

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The need to decolonise within

12th March 2018 marked 50 years since my country, Mauritius gained its independence form the United Kingdom. Hundreds of years of colonisation form the Dutch to the French and then finally the British finally ended with their relinquishment of the state and the autonomy for the people, the island and her beautiful nature.

I was there in December for 5 weeks and I felt that the energy felt different on the island, and it is now, after all this time, that I feel that the deep healing is to occur. I myself have started some earthkeeping missions in Mauritius as I have felt very much called to do this by my ancestors and I feel is very much aligned with my mission generally here on earth in tis lifetime. I have been giving land offerings, offerings to the ancestors and blessings for my home and land so that I may embark on this journey of working with the land and people in Mauritius. And as such I am becoming more and more aligned with the energies.

I have, over the last year, been working around coloniser patterns within the psyche or mind, and understanding how our nature, emotions and mental health have been affected by colonisation. As a result, part of my work is around ‘decolonisation’… taking people through a process of decolonisation that faces them with the coloniser patters and codes within so that they may be transformed and recycled and to make space for being more with our true self. This video gives a little insight into some of these ideas. I hope you enjoy watching it. Please do contact me if you feel moved by this work and would like to speak with me further about it.



Sweet dreams…

Many of us struggle to get and stay in a deep sleep at night and find ourselves feeling tired in the morning or throughout the day. Or then theres just getting to sleep – that can be a real issue – lying there awake for ages – tired but awake. Some people are such light sleepers, anything, like the cat jumping on the bed, or the partner turning over, can wake them up. Some of us sleep well, but notice that disruptions in our sleeping patters can really impact our immune and other systems… If any of these examples are you… then read on, because I’ve got some important things to share about sleep that you probably didn’t know…

Melatonin is the body’s most superior antioxidant. It is produced by the pineal glad when we sleep and it induces sleep and dreaming. It also supports the restoration and repair service the body goes through when we sleep. Melatonin also, an an antioxidant, fights oxidative stress by neutralising free radicals and also helps neutralise the reactive oxygen species that result as a byproduct of detoxification.

So melatonin is some amazing naturally produced chemical that we need an abundance of! And optimising this function is the key to immune health.

As a slightly side note, melatonin, as well as many other nutrients help mop up toxic residues in the lymphatic system. I personally notice that when I’m in places that are heavily polluted (more than my body is used to processing) AND I haven’t slept enough (I need 8 hours a night), I tend to be really puff in my face and around my eyes in the morning… A sign that my lymphatic system is struggling a bit. So I do some manual lymphatic drainage massage… See my video demo below… And be mindful about getting more sleep so my internal systems can detox as much as it needs to.

So how does melatonin get secreted?

When the sun goes down, it gets dark and we feel tired from a days work, our pineal glad starts to detect that sleep is upon us. In fact, it detects light getting dimmer and when its pretty dark, it will start to secrete melatonin.

However increases in light from the TV or devices when the pineal gland thinks its bed time can really confuse it and if there isn’t enough darkness, the gland wont produce enough melatonin to induce a deep sleep. So melatonin reacts to light, and how does it do that? By detecting light waves.

That means that anything else that operates on this basis of physics – ie – sound, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and wi-fi can also influence these processes because the pineal gland doesn’t differentiate between these frequencies. It thinks wi-fi, EMF and some sound frequencies is light!

Understanding this is the key to optimising our pineal glad function and melatonin secretion.

Read on to find out how to optimise your sleep by improving your sleep hygiene below.

There are so many other nutrients and processes that are involved with sleep, particularly related to our hormones that help regulate mood and sleep… Research also shows that our blood sugar levels can become more elevated in the morning and throughout the day if we haven’t slept well the night before – and this causes inflammation in the body!

Read more about what nutrients and nutrition could help you below.

Why is sleeping and dreaming so important?

Apart form the obvious rest and recouperation, sleeping is when our body does much of the repairing of the day’s damage from mechanical musculo-skeletal action to toxin damage to tissues and cells.

We also tend to sort through the day’s intake of information when we sleep… So new memories and information get stored in the long term memory bank and disruption of this can lead to poor long term memory.

When we’re asleep, its our body thats resting, but our soul or spirit keeps going. The original people of Australia say that the Dreamtime is where everything is dreamt into existence and indigenous cultures all over the world appreciate dreams as bringers of news or information about whats going to happen in the future, how to interpret a situation that happened recently, or getting insight into something. Many tribes drink special herbs to heighten their dreaming abilities, rememberences interpretation skills, wisdom and even lucid dreaming abilities.

Yes its true that sometimes our dreams can be our subconscious trying to show us something important or helping us to sort something out in our mind… but dreams can also take us to much deeper realms than that.

I myself have been drinking a tea called Guayusa after I was initiated by a beautiful Shaman called Sisa from Equador who stayed with me. She has been using this herb in her tribe and taught us how to read our dreams. Since then, I’ve found my dreams to be really insightful – guiding me to new pathways, augmenting my psychic abilities and helping me sort through important things in my world. I love dreaming so much, I look forward to it every night and want to share with you some of my top tips to developing and improving sleep hygiene.

How to improve sleep hygiene

Stop using wifi devices at least 1.5 hours before sleep, including checking emails, doing any work on your laptop or tablet, checking updates and notifications on your smart phone etc. Turn off wifi at the router and switch your phone to airplane mode at this time as the blue light and electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) interferes with melatonin production. Use a battery operated simple alarm clock.

Remove all unnecessary electronic devices from the bedroom like TVs to diminish EMFs and the blue light that interferes with melatonin secretion. Switch off those that stay at the socket.

Buy Himalayan pink salt lamps, rocks or candle holders, high grade shungite or black tourmaline crystals and place them in your bedroom (and around the house) as they effectively reduce EMFs.

Regulate sleep to 11pm – 7am to achieve 8 hours of good quality, deep Delta (brain waves) sleep. Keep this in line with dusk and dawn, to regulate your circadian rhythm, our natural body clock. So try to go to sleep when its dark and wake when its getting light.

Avoid drinking medium/large quantities of water and hot drinks 1 hour before bed to avoid waking in the night to go to the toilet.

Have 1/2 mug of strong chamomile or valerian tea (2 teabags) as a sleep tonic if needed 1 hour before bed.

Exercise during the day to increase serotonin levels, which help create melatonin – even walking is great.

Reduce alcohol and caffeine consumption during the day and evening as these have a huge impact on the brain chemistry of the brain and can disrupt sleep.

Practice letting go of anything that is on your mind that you may be carrying around or unnecessarily taking into the sleep time. Use self-healing techniques, meditation and/or affirmations. Or use my favourite, the Ho’oponopono mantra – I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you – which can be said in either the context of you saying it towards yourself or towards another.

Acknowledging any parts of you that may need some attention without judgement… Maybe its a part of you that is worried about something, or a part that feels bad about something that happened earlier, or a part of you thats anxious about a big work thing tomorrow… These parts may quieten down if we give them the acknowledgment they need, tall them they’ve been heard and let them know its ok to feel that way and you’re not going to judge yourself. practicing the art of observation without judgment of yourself and your feelings is key.

Make sure you’ve got good bowel health, so that your bowels can eliminate metabolised hormones and neurotransmitters after they’ve been broken down in the liver. If we don’t have good bowel health and are constipated or have poor gut motility, the hormones get reabsorbed back through the gut and remain in circulation making us feel wired, tired and anxious. Good abundance of beneficial bacteria in the gut means happy hormone serotonin and other important nutrients are made in the gut which leads to good sleep. A good, clean, high potency probiotic from Biocare – they have loads – will help. Also daily intake of Inulin helps – an insoluble fibre that feeds good bacteria. Read more about why bacteria is important and where to get our recommended Inulin from.

Supplementing with these 3 nutrients may help with sleep…

  1. Magnesium: This mineral is known as ‘nature’s tranquilliser’ and has a calming relaxing effect on the body in general. It is particularly helpful if your sleep is being disturbed by cramps as it is a muscle relaxant.
  2. Theanine: This amino acid comes from green tea and not only helps maintain a calm alertness during the day but also a deeper sleep at night.
  3. Tryptophan: Your body needs this amino acid in order to make serotonin, the relaxing and calming brain neurotransmitter. Tryptophan occurs naturally in fish, whole grains, chickpeas, almonds, eggs, bananas, dates and organic dairy.

(Taken from Dr Marilyn Glen ville)

Take a sleep formulae like NT Complex, or NT Intensive from Biocare (get 25% off for subscribing to our mailing list – code in our Newsletter) with a high potency combination of L-theanine, lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, magnesium taurate and B-vitamins to support a balanced nervous system and induce a deep sleep.

Use crystals that aid sleep like amethyst, black tourmaline, angelite, haematite, jade, labradorite and selenite. Put these under your bed, under your pillow, on your bedside table, or hold for a night time meditation before sleep. Make sure you use your intention to clear the crystals and then reprogramme them each time you use them… Just tell the crystal what you want it to do and thats it!

Develop a bedtime routine to incorporate the above elements and to wind down, maybe reading a book, meditating, self-reflection, praying etc – this will help with stress, anxiety and worry elimination.


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Optimise your health and wellbein – start with our Health Checklist

(Read on to find a gift somewhere below!)

This year is UNDOUBTEDLY the year of catalysing change. Change has been happening, of course, but this year is about taking that change, pushing it further with new ideas, innovation and progression. It’s 2017 – this sounds like a futuristic year! But have we reached the advanced stage of being that we profess to be at?

Society still largely hasn’t cottoned on to the idea that we can drastically increase our productivity in order to be more powerful, profound, on point. We still continue to sweep under the carpet the dramatic affect stress and trauma has had and continues to have on the human race. We still think spraying foods we consume with harsh chemicals is something the body can handle. We still think that There isn’t much hope except to just get on with things and not complain.

For us at Earth Clinic – 2017 is about stepping away from normalisation and aligning ourselves with the truth of who we really are – powerful, dynamic beings that can affect whatever change we desire. It’s about being brave… To stand up and be seen. To speak and be heard. Do do and be appreciated.

If you want to be the most powerful, productive version of you this year then here’s our HEALTH AND WELLBEING CHECKLIST (below). Start first by setting yourself an intention around your health. Maybe it’s to improve a particular aspect, or to give more attention to it. Whatever your intention – think about what the result or affect of that intention will be when it’s achieved. Speak to yourself as if its already done – that’s the key to manifesting success! Think of how it will be, feel, look. Think about all the positive things that will arise for you and your family, friends, community and workplace if it’s achieved.

Really think about it. Programme your mind with it.

Now start at the top of the list and work your way down addressing every point on the list. Ask yourself, ‘do I need help with this?’. If you do – then great – a HUGE leap forward has already been made. Your willingness and bravery to recognise and want to do something is half the work done.

The rest is about action – and following through – that’s up to you! Call us to see how we can help you with your list and aspects of your health and wellbeing and help you keep the momentum going – we’re giving away a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION!

The checklist includes the point to consider plus what to look out for:

  1. Digestion – any discomfort, maldigestion, weight loss, diarrhea/constipation, blood/mucus in stool, poor energy levels, signs of nutrient deficiencies
  2. Immune health – frequent colds/flus/infections/cold sores, poor wound healing time, premature ageing, food intolerances/allergies, reacting to chemicals in the environment, hormone problems, frequent reactions to chemicals/foods/bites, signs of nutrient deficiencies
  3. Nervous system – unaddressed/unresolved trauma, prevalence/coping with stress/emotions/worry/fear, sleep difficulties, poor memory/concentration, headaches/migraines, anxiety/depression
  4. Hormone balance – feeling dizzy/weak/irritated if hungry, poor energy levels, low mood, cravings you know aren’t for the right thing, unexplained weight loss/gain, lump in throat, difficult to wake up, loss of libido
  5. Reproductive health – women – strong PMS, irregular moon cycle, presence of thrush, fertility issues – men – prostate issues, erectile issues
  6. Respiration – shortness of breath, frequent chest/sinus/bronchus infections, bringing up mucus often
  7. Urination – abnormal frequency/urgency, pain/blood in urine,  obstructed/painful urination, not emptying bladder
  8. Heart & blood health – any chest pain/shortness of breath/palpitations/fainting/varicose veins, poor circulation, blood pressure issues, poor energy levels
  9. Musculoskeletal – joint/muscle/pressure point pain, frequent cramps and spasms
  10. Skin – presence of hives/rashes/abnormalities, presence of fungal infections, dark circle under eyes
  11. Detoxification systems – poor immune system, low energy, hormone problems, anxiety/depression

If you’ve ticked a few points from this checklist – chances are that you’re due for a HEALTH MOT – to recharge and replenish your stocks, to optimise your functions and make sure you’re safe for the road. You’d spend money to MOT your car, so why not invest in yourself. You bloody well deserve it!

To find out how you can address your health and wellbeing, call me today for a FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION so I can help you prioritise what’s important and get a plan of action together for amazing you.

Call 0161 877 3124 or email for you free 30 minute consultation.

What does he know about the afterlife? He’s only a Harvard trained brain neurosurgeon of 25 years…

Someone from my tribe came across this article talking about the incredible experience of Dr. Eben Alexander during a bacterial-menegitis induced coma.

He went from not believing in the soul to understanding and proclaiming the most intimate ideas of our existence and energy being beyond this physical and material world.

Guided by an angelic being, he visits the source and learns about what rally happens when we die.

His account of his ‘vivid journey into the afterlife’ is compelling and reassuring, that there is indeed a treasure waiting for us after this life.

Have you guessed what it is? It’s unconditional love.

Check it out for yourself…


Is This Proof of Heaven? A Brain Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into the Afterlife

An article on Dr Eben Alexander’s website



Proof that group meditation can change the world

Taken from

Taken from

I have often spoken to people about group meditation and the profound impacts they have on the world…

Many people who understand meditation, spiritual power and energy work will instantly understand this without having to appreciate the scientific detail behind this.

Some people not familiar with these practices may be understandably confused about how this can work and why it’s not more common knowledge or even skeptical about it.

Here is a fantastic article about scientific research and details on how group meditation has reduced crime and violence. There’s also a brilliant video at the end of the article going in more depth into the Maharishi Effect by Supreme Master TV.

It’s truly fascinating and I’m so pleased to be able to share it with you!

Columbus the rabbit is our animal companion… Watch out for her antics in this blog.

She’s the biggest connection to nature I have; because of her, I’ve come to understand so many more things about animals and the world.

Never underestimate nature’s intelligence – Columbus is just as Clever as some humans I know!

We leave the back door open all day while she’s in the garden so she can pop in and out whenever she likes. It’s how she wants to live her life, free to roam and come home where she knows its safe and there’s nice food. She will always come back home, no matter what.

She knows good quality food and has become very picky when it comes to freshness!

She’s independent, emotional and curios and I feel proud of her. Everyday I learn something new from observing her… Today I realised how much she loves her garden.

If you’re close to animals, so you’ll forever be close to nature.

Columbus the LEGEND