Natasha Anand Boojihawon

I guide practitioners, therapists and space-holders on their evolutionary journey. I support them to create profound impact in their communities through a process that is evolving the current paradigm of holistic health and wellness education.

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I’m here to guide you to be crystal clear on your Soul Journey and approach to creating therapeutic environments for your clients and students. The unique process I guide my students and clients on, re-evaluates their approach to facilitation, leadership and healing so that they develop a karma-free method aligned to their own unique gifts, purpose and knowing.

This is the journey I invite you to come on. In turn, you will feel powerful and confident in your ability to facilitate healing journeys within your capacities and create profound impact for your clients. 

I’ve gone on the same journey – the shifts I have created in my perspective and approach – has enabled me to break co-dependencies and subtle belief systems that were hindering me and my clients. Now I want to support you to do the same.

As facilitators of high integrity, we have purified our agenda and worked on our belief systems. We are ready to hold the safest space with unshakable stability and presence, and are clear channels in service for guidance and energy to flow through.

A High Integrity Facilitator does not take away anyone’s power by “doing” their healing, by “being” their Guru, or by “giving” them the answers. 

High Integrity Facilitators shows up, clear, compassionate and liberated, ready to guide and support the soul to heal and evolve their consciousness, meeting them where they are at. We help our clients and students to remember their power, to self-heal and self-lead, to be the artists, creators and architects of this world.

Pritvi Mata (Mother Earth) is calling those of us forward that have the capacity to hold space from the Cosmic Heart to take our positions as the Earth Keepers, Priest/esses, Therapists, Teachers and Guides…. Will you join us?

Be known as an epic Space-Holder

Over the last 12 years, I’ve experienced working therapeutically with people in a variety of different roles; as a specialist youth and community worker, activist, advocate, coach, therapist, teacher, earthkeeper and now, Priestess.

I’m known for the sacred, safe spaces I create that aid my clients to drop in deep and go straight to their core to work on the fundamental blocks holding them back.

You’ll like what I offer if…

  • You are an aspiring or established space-holder
  • You want to develop your space holding skills, no matter what level you are at
  • You are committed to your inner journey and path as a facilitator
  • You care about aligning to your integrity
  • You feel held back by your challenges
  • You intuitively feel there’s something missing in holistic and energy medicine education
  • You’re an established or aspiring Facilitator, Practitioner, Therapist, Earthkeeper, Priest/ess, Guide, Shaman, Medicine Woman/Man
  • You work with the Internal Family Systems model


I work with practitioners and space-holders who want to remember and cultivate effective tools and wisdom to do deep dive therapeutic work. I support them on their path of self-mastery so they embody the highest level of integrity and have impact.