Natasha Anand Boojihawon

These are times of great change and challenge as our Earth Realm orbits deeper into higher cosmic frequencies. Practitioners, Space-Holders, Therapists, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Medics and Wayshowers are the Guides and Watchtowers of this New Age. It is our moral duty to decolonise, regulate and unburden ourselfves so we may be of service and benefit to the Web Of Life.

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    “I Highly Recommend working with Tasha as a Guide to integrating your Higher Self.”


    “The support material, instructions and shared experiences really help you reach new levels in awareness and healing. Want to find your glow – let Natasha guide your flow.”


    “The knowledge Natasha has on healing is amazing. I feel like I’ve started to shift a lot of energy and been a lot more aware of myself and being present. Since the retreat I’ve started one to one guidance which I’m loving.”