Natasha Anand Boojihawon

Entheogens and psychedelics are powerful substances that have completely and irreversibly altered the medical and healthcare landscape. These are the medical, therapeutic, mind-altering and consciousness expanding agents of the future and my role is to support you to prepare, navigate and integrate these journeys.

Having worked regularly with entheogens and psychedelics in various settings and under dietas for the last 12 years, I have an embodied and visceral experience of Psychedelic Medicine. I have experienced firsthand the deep profound healing and consciousness expansion that journeying with these medicines and sacraments brings.

The ability for these substances to quantum leap us forward into our potential, highest and greatest good is part of what makes them so effective and such game-changers.

So much mystery still surrounds these medicines and sacraments, however  we do know that the science stands up very tall. In fact, the science is demonstrating very clearly, the profound and overwhelming efficacy of these medicines in comparison to SSRI’s and other psychiatric and emotional health related medications.

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy, as well as Microdosing and other Psychedelic Interventions have also demonstrated remarkable results for health, wellness and overcoming trauma, addiction and with palliative care.

Over the last 20 years, I have trained in various studies, therapeutic modalities and with teachers, guides and the plants themselves in order to be ready to guide and support people who wish to journey with these medicines. In fact, there is not one specific course which has enabled me to do this – it’s lifetimes of experience, a deep connection to my guides, teachers and the plants themselves, as well as whole array of training in modalities integrated through layers of energy, somatic and internal parts awareness.

I am delighted to offer a number of ways in which I can support clients to prepare, navigate and integrate psychedelic experiences and offer guidance.

The following Earth Clinic programmes are designed to support Psychedelic Integration

I share practitioner programme, teacher training programmes, online courses and other support through a company
I co-founded with Roop Singh Sagar, Earth Clinic & Earth School.

Psychedelic Integration

Through these programmes I support my clients & students to...

  • Get intimate with their intentions and desires to journey with psychedelics
  • Cultivate a profound level of stability, trust, confidence, clarity, courageousness and compassion, through embodied experience
  • Liberate themselves from the burdens, blockages and karma so the psychedelic journey gets into the deepest layers possible
  • Prepare by learning the tools to navigate their journeys and experiences including self-regulation, energy and practical tools
  • Understand the harms, risks and potential blocks I their journey including how to navigate them, reach out for help and be Sovereign in thier journey
  • Integrate their experiences and learn to relax back into the inner standing and wisdom of Self and Higher Self, to hear the profound teachings that are there to access always.

Want to get clear on your next steps?


“My journey has been absolutely life changing! I am able to meet myself & others more lovingly, understand the internal system of the mind better, work through layers, traumas & process my healing with being held by Natasha. She has guided me to feel more empowered & in tune with myself and given me the tools & practices that I can use on a daily basis. I have learnt to slow down, enhance my self awareness & intuition, speak my truth, hold space for myself & others. I am so grateful to have their guidance & support to help me move forward on my journey.”


“ I couldn’t think of a safer place to be to learn, grow and heal.”


“Natasha has many years of working in communities using a deeply holistic approach. She understands well the challenges of working with marginalised communities and vulnerable people at the grass roots. She is passionate in her vision for supporting people to deliver the best outcomes and remain well and healthy as workers and individuals.”


“The space that Natasha had carefully and loving created was sacred in that it allowed me and others to share and/or express our in securities without the fear of judgement. It felt so freeing to be able to be vulnerableyet safe.Through this experience, I found acceptance for who I am. I do believe this was because of the way Natasha just naturally allows everyone to just be.That in itself is a uniquely personal experience. She has an amazing gift”


“I joined to understand who I am & the reasonwhy I want to be a holistic practitioner, what itmeans & have a deeper understanding of how to move forward with my own practice. I feel I now have the confidence & tools to make it my lifestyle & career.”


“Natasha’s training was amazing! I learned theory& practiced the tools. I left inspired, motivated & more confident. Her training would benefit everyone who would like to gain a deeper understanding of a holistic approach.”


“Mentors & teachers like Natasha are priceless, particularly during this time in our evolution. How grateful & blessed I feel to have herin my corner, initiating & empowering us all to reach our own full potential.”