Natasha Anand Boojihawon

Through 121 consultations my clients become more connected to their innate wisdom, are more empowered to create impact and are clearer vessels to hold space for others.
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Creating the New Earth starts with the foundation of self-enquiry, holistic healing, nature connection and cultivating community, which I call the Path Of Self-Mastery. Everyone is innately abundant and connected to their Divine nature, yet often, some are unaware of their potential.

The key benefit of 121 therapy is that my clients learn to get intimate with their inner journey, facing their challenges, with grace and ease.I teach my clients to liberate themselves from the burdens, blockages and karma holding them back, and cultivatestability, radical trust, confidence and compassion,through embodied experience. This creates life-lasting out comes that will create profound impacts, even on future lives.

Part of the journey involves upgrading personal and professional standards, as often there is a gap between what one may think one needs and what one actually does need to fulfil the work and life goals one has set for themself.

In turn they get better, more consistent results for their clients, have a powerful impact on the world and lasting legacy.

I offer 121 therapy at Earth Clinic

121 Deep Dive Ceremonies

These in-person or online, intensive and integrative 121 sessions that are tailored to each individual. The sessions are between 2 – 6 hours long for deep diving into the inner world of parts, energy systems and Quantum realms. We work around your specific focus or intention or just allow it to naturally arise at the session.

My intention is to hold and safe and clear space for Souls to drop into a state of radical presence, awareness and witness for deep healing, relaxation and rejuvenation. Through this, somatic, trauma and energy releasing can naturally occur.

The energy architecture we cultivate for these sessions is deeply nourishing, supportive and safe for the individual. Through various processes, I guide the individual to get to new depths of self-realisation, inner dialogue and radical self-access.



▵ Energy healing techniques

▵ Tools of deep clearing

▵ Internal Family Systems

▵ Integrated breathwork

▵ Kundalini & kriya

▵ Sound frequencies

▵ “Shamanic” journeying

▵ Sacred medicines

▵ Herbs, oils & essences

▵ Voice and expression

▵ Movement

▵ Connecting with Guides

▵ Past life regression

▵ Ancestral burden release

▵ Spiritual Crystal Healing

▵ Bodywork

▵ Vedic Astrology


The space that I hold is a tight, strong, safe and solid space. I cannot guarantee results, yet I can assure that you will be witnessed without judgment and guided to release the stories and programmes that keep burdened and dense energy locked in place.

Prices range from £222 to £666 depending on the nature of the session.

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“My journey has been absolutely life changing! I am able to meet myself & others more lovingly, understand the internal system of the mind better, work through layers, traumas & process my healing with being held by Natasha. She has guided me to feel more empowered & in tune with myself and given me the tools & practices that I can use on a daily basis. I have learnt to slow down, enhance my self awareness & intuition, speak my truth, hold space for myself & others. I am so grateful to have their guidance & support to help me move forward on my journey.”


“ I couldn’t think of a safer place to be to learn, grow and heal.”


“Natasha has many years of working in communities using a deeply holistic approach. She understands well the challenges of working with marginalised communities and vulnerable people at the grass roots. She is passionate in her vision for supporting people to deliver the best outcomes and remain well and healthy as workers and individuals.”


“The space that Natasha had carefully and loving created was sacred in that itallowed me and others to share and/or express our in securities without the fear of judgement. It felt so freeing to be able to be vulnerable yet safe.Through this experience, I found acceptance for who I am. I do believe this was because of the way Natasha just naturally allows everyone to just be.That in itself is a uniquely personal experience. She has an amazing gift”


“I joined to understand who I am & the reason why I want to be a holistic practitioner, what it means & have a deeper understanding of how to move forward with my own practice. I feel I now have the confidence & tools to make it my lifestyle& career.”


“Natasha’s training was amazing! I learned theory & practiced the tools. I left inspired, motivated & more confident. Her training would benefit everyone who would like to gain a deeper understanding of a holistic approach.”


“Mentors & teachers like Natasha are priceless, particularly during this time in our evolution. How grateful & blessed I feel to have herin my corner, initiating &empowering us all to reach our own full potential.”


’Before working with Natasha, I felt stuck in life. I received lots of support and advice on detoxing and healing during an online program… Natasha gave me space and I felt seen and heard. Following the program, I manifested my dream to travel to India! Thank you.’’


‘’Before I started working with Natasha, I had health issues and I worked with her on a gut healing protocol to calm immune responses, balance hormones and support the detox of the liver. Her program included Naturopathic Nutritional support, IFS sessions, Yoga and breath work. After working with Natasha my general health picked up immeasurably. Natasha works in such a holistic way and has many skills which she can draw on to rebalance and support the healing process. I would highly recommend Nastaha to anyone wishing to look at their emotional, spiritual and physical well being.’’


“Natasha’s a wonderful healer who dedicates herself very passionately to assisting you with your journey towards optimal health. She has a great capacity for compassion and listening through her therapy & clinic, which balances a variety of healing modalities to attend to your needs on different levels. I found that her own story of health was very inspiring which helps you to feel understood and motivated towards change. I believe that it has given her insight to empathise with the wide variety of challenges, complications and self-limiting beliefs that come with chronic or acute states of illness and I believe it helped her to very quickly identify in me what my issues and physical imbalances were, where no other practitioner I’d seen before could. I highly, highly recommend!”


’Before starting my healing work with Natasha things were busy, full on and I didn’t know what was blocking me. Through weekly 1 to 1 sessions I connected patterns in my life and my deepest issues started to make sense. I also let go of these issues and helped me to understand what is more fulfilling in life. ’’


“I feel Natasha was able to take me to a place I had not been before. I met energy being carried in my field, needing to be heard. It was very powerful. I was able to speak to it and acknowledge it. I felt a wonderful shift. It helped me understand myself a little further and encouraged my true authentic self to come through, as it slowly starts to arise. Looking forward to journeying further.”


“Natasha Boojihawon has worked with Oxfam as a mentor and coach on our Future Skills project in Greater Manchester for 2 years in 2016. She has shown skill and professionalism while working with marginalised women who have various vulnerabilities. She uses a range of techniques to enable her mentees to break down their difficulties or aspirations into small steps and achievable goals, boosting their resilience and confidence. She has also made important contributions to the development of our project through her valued feedback. Natasha is trustworthy and reliable in this role.”