Cosmic Insights: Completion of 2022 & Initiation of 2023

I feel many of us thought 2022 would be the year where we came out of the isolation of the last 2 years and into action, but in reality, it may have been more of a year of reconnecting, healing and recovery. We personally felt that our year was more about our own internal journeys and coming to terms with the emotions and challenges we still faced and what healing was leftover to do. 

We spent a lot of time at home, reflecting and having some deep, challenging conversations with ourselves, loved ones and our inner circle. We focussed a lot on cultivating the kind of work that we want to do and doing that as well as we can, showing up to our community, clients and students. But the coming year feels more like we’re coming into taking a bigger step into our CORE energy POWER, into our NEW level of human tech and collective consciousness, and our cosmic-heart-led DEVOTION to the big experiences we are here to have. The current astrology certainly reflects that! What I share below is going to blow your mind….

Saturn is currently in it’s home, finishing out it’s Capricorn cycle – which is a great great privilege to experience. The next time Saturn will be back in Capricorn will be around 27.5 years! Our experience of Saturn moving back into Capricorn in 27 years will feel very very different, especially as we will have taken our alliance with Saturn much further. And that’s the point – make Saturn your ally. Don’t fight his energy as he tries to take you inward to learn from your life. 

This is the time in our life where we may feel the power and potential of Saturn more – taking us as safely, gracefully and smoothly (as can be!) through our karma to teach us something deep about where we’ve been and how to alchemise the energy we’ve carried, taking the lessons from the challenges we’ve experienced and spiritualising ourselves.

On January 17th 2023, Saturn moves into Aquarius, still within the Nakshatra of Dhanishta (where it is now) until March 14th when Saturn, still within Aquarius moves into Shatabhisha Nakshatra (Nakshatras are like sub-constellations that sit “behind” the zodiac constellations we are more familiar with – they give us a finer lens through which to view and feel into the energies coming in). Saturn then goes retrograde in June (17th), and at some point heads back into Dhanishta Nakshatra before going direct again in November (4th). What does this mean? Let me break it down further…

This is the Cosmic event of the year… As I write about this, I have parts that really want you to get just how MASSIVE this is… Just how juicy and important this is… I literally cannot contain myself!

Saturn moving into Aquarius is EVEN more powerful and exciting than its position now… Aquarius is also a home for Saturn, and the place where its energy is magnified, amplified and potentialised. We have another 2.5 years of bathing in this energy and being blessed with the opportunity to LEARN from our experience as individuals, as humanity – and take those learnings into the future. 

This is the time where we learn to become our own Guru – and truly stand in our own power – armed with the force and power of our past experiences – pulling us up – not pulling us down. There’s a discipline that comes with this – because we have to do the inner journeying to face what’s there deep down in the dark, to learn from.

I am definitely going to be optimising the opportunities of drawing in and working with these incredible energies, through grounding, opening and aligning so I can receive these energies with as much grace and ease as possible.

As I explore in more depth at the event registration page (link below) and also at my blog I released last week, this time of Saturn being in it;s most favourable position is so very important for earth, as Saturn holds the key for ascension and evolution of Earthlings and the planet. That is because Saturn takes us inward to learn from our challenges and grow, rather than de-volve. If we choose to grow at this time, but don’t actually align to Saturn, by facing ourselves and doing the inner shadow work – it may feel really sticky and difficult. Because Saturn is relentless and will take you through it, no matter what.

The more we can optimise this time, the greater the benefits for humanity and the planet. Saturn will not be in such an incredible position for another 27.5 years! This is the time of the Saturn Catalyst!

Dhanishta Nakshatra, where Saturn is now, is a strong female lioness energy, that’s provided the spiritual backbone for us to channel in the light, feel the truth of that light, it’s love and mystical knowledge, and utilise that to accumulate what we need on the material plane. Many of us have been cultivating our therapeutic or conscious entrepreneurial offerings to our communities, as well as getting ourselves set up for a time of service.

On March 14th when Saturn moves into Shatabhisha Nakshatra, the energy shifts to another gear as the kundalini energy potentialises a little more in us, taking us into a greater depth of clarity of our past actions. Something energetically aligns for us to safely see deeper into our shadow, and we have no choice but to face it, reflect and gracefully give gratitude for finding it and being able to continue the clearing. 

If we stop and dwell here, it will feel shameful and lonely – but that is not the point of this time and of this energy of Saturn. Utilise the exaltation of kundalini energy – as Saturn is at it’s highest, most refined point, to draw in and clear what’s left. This can be done quickly – this does not have to be dragged out any longer. You’ve come this far – just do it. This aligns beautifully with the last moon phase into the Spring Equinox – and this is where it gets spooky… You just cannot make this stuff up…

On February 20th, at 7.05am GMT when the Moon is New – this is 21 days before Saturn moves into Shatabhisha Nakshatra – so a good time to start stepping up the practice to prepare for this shift as the kundalini shakti is going to be strong. The New Moon, at that point, will be in Shatabhisha Nakshatra!!! How beautifully and Divinely timed. This New Moon energy is going to code us, in advance, with the energies of Shatabhisha, so that we can transition into it smoothly. 

If this does not show you how held we are, I’m not sure what will!?

This is the point where we shall gather our sangha to start a 28 day sadhana that will lead us straight into the Saturn shift into Shatabhisha as well as into the Spring Equinox. WoW! Epic.

Because Saturn goes retrograde this year, it will dance between Dhanishta and Shatabhisha, – this titration between relaxing out a little and resting in our spiritual knowledge (Dhanishta) and diving into the murky underwater of our shadow (Shatabhisha). A perfect combination and way in.

Now into Jupiter energy, another of the big planets shifting this year…

Jupiter is currently in Pisces, coming toward the end of its time here (it enters Aries on the 24th April) – it is aligned to Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra currently. This place is a strong dualistic, Saturn (Uttara Bhadrapada is rules by Saturn), Divine Masculine Lion, fiery energy balanced with a Divine Feminine Cow, airy energy. It’s symbol is two fish facing away from each other. Another reminder of the air that fuels the fire and thus it grows… This is exactly what is happening at this time. So, how shall we stoke our fire? With purpose and discipline – that is certainly the potential of Lord Saturn energy here. Or will we just prod the fire, angering it and setting it off in any which direction? Our primary desire at this time is DESIRE. 

The question for this time will be… What do we desire for ourselves, of uor experience on planet Earth, of our bodies? Are some of our desires up for purification? And a perfect place to pause and ask ourself at this time, as we move deeper toward the creative power or Spring.

And then Jupiter is into Revati Nakshatra on the 24th February – The Great Womb Of The Divine Mother. What a wonderful incubation space this will be as we drive through the last of that Saturn Dhanista energy. 

Jupiter is growth and expression, shining the grace of our essence in the world from a place of deep spiritual knowledge and embodied experience. The energy of Revati here is being nurtured by the creative intelligence womb-space and our embodied experience to complete – die and be reborn, for spiritual good.

What an EPIC Spring this is bringing – all the natural spring REBIRTH energies backed by this incredible astrology. This Spring Equinox is going to be POWERFUL.

Then BOOM! Jupiter enters Aries on the 22nd April – the beginning of its new cycle – where Rahu is currently residing (Sun and Mercury will also be there at that time). Double BOOM!   

My attempt at breaking this down is not going to do it justice – or fully express the potential here. NONE OF THIS WILL. It is your OWN experience to feel into the oncoming energies and journey with it yourself. All I can do is share a fraction of the forecasted potential to entice you to align yourself and experience.

So back to Jupiter landing in Aries (AND Ashwani Nakshatra – all about leadership and initiation of a new cycle) with Rahu. By the way, Rahu has been in Aries since April 2022, so it’s well marinated and established. Rahu energy is a force to be reckoned with. It’s the fiery, airy, influencing, creative and INTENSE Magnifier. Coupled with the similarly fiery, Masculine, initiatory power of Aries, The Ram, it’s been a STRONG pairing so far. If you have an alignment or affinity with Rahu – then you’ve probably felt to expand. When Jupiter joins this constellation, it may feel almost aggressive… A bit more like – OK – take your next moves, go to the next level, don’t look back, grow, grow, grow! 

Just warning you. If Jupiter is one of your allies – watch out. Take the opportunity to cultivate your energies around Spring and launch into this season facing it head on.

When Jupiter moves into Bharni Nakshatra on Summer Solstice – the energies feel very sensual and sexual in nature as our inner powers of creative union like to express themselves outwardly. A beautiful time to dance, play and get the creative juices flowing. Get out there and shine your essence in a pure and innocent way.

As Jupiter also goes retrograde in early September – it dances back into Ashwani – bringing us more of that initiatory energy.

Now, there is so so much more that we could add in here, because we’ve just talked about 2 of the big planets. Ketu maintains i’s position in Libra at this time and on 31st October, it moves into Virgo – ruled by Mercury. At the same time, Rahu will enter Pisces. This shift will feel pretty big. These two planets felt to be the biggest influencer of Karma for planet Earth and humanity. What will be the new Soup of the year?

Rahu, the head, the magnifier, intensifier, the influencer of the Moon – will relax and flow a little more into the Feminine waters of consciousness. Providing a fertile and sensitive time for us to grow.

Ketu, the tail, the sharp forces of change – will also relax a little bit into the gentle yet powerful force of Feminine, Earthy, sensitive and mindful expression.

Thank GOD is all I can say. This transit could only be this way. Their grip inhumanity has to let up to give us the space to really take that Jupiter energy and grow.

And by the way – have you looked up at the sky recently? We’ve got an incredible amount of visible planets in the UK, at night, at the moment… Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are all visible currently. By the end of January, Venus will be setting two hours after then sun, so we will be able to see it, plus Mercury will be in the morning sky mid January. Read more about what’s visible here.

Oh my DAYS… I am energised just writing this! I skipped my morning practice today to write this – but I feel like I’ve been practicing Kriyas for 2 hours! I am just blown away! This overview has helped me to identify some clear dates and clear intentions around those times when powerful portals are opening up and honouring our ascension as humanity. 

We are definitely on the up. Have no doubt. Everything that tells you otherwise is an illusion – a delusion. It’s all happening FOR you, WITH you. It IS you.

You are this body and you are not; You are Saturn and you are nothing; You were never born and will never die. Your embodied experience on this Earth is a blessing – a privilage to play and experience. In a blink of an eye we will forget and it will never have existed. Take what we have and honour every ounce of it. It’s pure magic. 

The coming 13 moon cycles is astounding. The energies we have working FOR us is unbelievable to the mind yet fully KNOWING in the heart. We will be aligning our gatherings, trainings and activations to everything you are going to read – and if you join us at one of our opportunities this year I can almost guarantee you will feel something SUPREMELY powerful within. Join us sangha!

To be announced in the coming weeks…

𓂀 Our New Supervision Service is launched! We’ll be sending emails out about it next week.

𓂀 Earth Clinic & School launches its three flagship courses this April at once! Our Holistic Coaching, Space-Holding & Energy Medicine Trainings! Waitlists coming this Jan and our free Masterclass Events in February.

𓂀 Our Yagyas (Vedic fire ceremonies) – free community gatherings for deep work – will be back again in Spring.

𓂀 Special Saturn & Sri Yantra Activations are coming your way very, very soon!

𓂀 Our 28 Day Sadhana leading into Spring Equinox will be announced in early Feb.

Love you, Divine Beings

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