Redefine Your Story To Rewrite your Soul Journey

If you’re intrigued by the subject title of this article, you may just take it as a sign… Perhaps it’s time to rewrite part of your story, and in the process, recalibrate your Soul Journey.

One of the Guiding Forces, which I have been sharing over the last few weeks, is our karma – or our stories – the conditioned identity that we have created for ourselves as a result of these stories that we’ve told ourselves.

Something “happened” to us back then… Maybe it felt unsafe, dangerous, awful or even painful… Parts in our system/psyche then took on extreme roles to cope as a result of what “happened” to us – because we were not equipped back then to navigate, or move through that event.

So our parts, or psyche, left unchecked, unattached and uncared for, took on heavy burdens – like sadness, guilt and shame – and this weighs down on those parts and over years just gets more and more difficult to carry. Parts also created stories about what happened – in order to make sense of it. And over time these stories can get skewed, twisted and changed – much like that game Chinese Whispers, we used to play when little.

Or not. Sometimes the events get blocked out all together, and the story that was created was – nothing to see here, everything is fine.

The training I have had in “trauma” or burden  releasing includes techniques to rewrite our stories – so that those parts of us who’ve held the burdens of those stories, feelings and emotions for so long, can finally get to release them. When their energy is transformed, and our parts get what they need to resolve that event – often they can just let go of it and in the process – let go of the burdens. This is the deep inner releasing work.


We can do it through 121 work, group work, or even from the comfort of your own home. Like this Wednesday at my next Evolve Yoga Journey – when I will guide you to rewrite a story that is weighing you down – or you know is in process of being released. Please come and give it a go. It’s free, therapeutic and fun. You can use the links above to check out the work I do.

When we come into alignment with Self we are firmly on the path of evolutionary action, dharma (purposeful living) and moksha (liberation). In order to do this – we must purify or energy and rewrite the stories we’ve held – the stories that have kept on keeping on – creating more and more of what isn’t in our full potential.

We have burdened parts and unburdened parts.

Our unburdened parts have already shed their dense, stagnant energy and are in alignment with Self – in fact they have a lot of Self energy. It’s these parts of us that have the capacity to create from a purified and powerful place – rather than the fear-driven place of our burdened parts. Read more about our burdened and unburdened parts here.

When we purify our energy and rewrite our stories our perception completely changes. We can see clearly. The blurred vision we have created for ourselves clears itself up and we no longer see with those tainted lens. We see things are they are in their potential, in their innocence, beauty, simplicity.

And that changes the way we interact with the world and events no longer “happen to us” they move through us – our perception of it helps us to hold our power – to not become a victim of it – but an observer and experiencer of it. To be able to learn from it and hold it without judgment, with compassion. This changes everything.

How? How do we shift from being where we are now – to being able to have this superpower?

Realign your energy system. Purify it – releasing the old stories that have created a skewed identity for you. Bring in new energy and rewrite the stories, calling back in what you lost and what you desire. Put energy into the knowing of what you’ve learned and how that’s helped you navigate this Soul Journey more effectively.

I taught a class this week which guides a process around meeting the stories that are ready to be released and doing some of that work. Take a look here.

I also guide another process which is about reflecting on your own hero or healing story and tuning into what gifts, treasure and abundance you have to share. You can find this article here.

If you want to come into a fully potentialised flow where you effortlessly create and manifest into your life what you wish – we recommend you join us for our next teacher training programme…

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▵ Be safely held and guided through your inner healing journey, processes and challenges and feel confident to do the same for your clients

▵ Learn how to work with your parts, emotions and heal trauma through the basic Internal Family Systems model as well as apply that to your work

▵ Clear karma, stagnant energy and burdens that will take you to the next phase of your healing and understand how to support your clients

▵ Feel confident and empowered to navigate your self-healing journey and those of your clients

▵ Start to become more embodied and feel your mind and body connection come more under your command

▵ Be initiated into working with foundational level trauma-informed wisdom and practice that will set you apart in your field and boost your professional practice and credibility

▵ Understand the basics of detoxification of metabolites, toxins and old, burdened energy

▵ Feel part of a thriving, beautiful community

As part of the course, we are offering optional integration Ceremonies throughout the 5 months to take the teachings deeper and gain profound insight into your Self, skills and the nature of reality.

Feel free to visit our course website to find out more about our 2024 enrolement and book a Discovery Call to see if this is the right fit for you.

We would be honoured to hold this space for you and welcome you into this powerful constellation which is already forming. This is an Energy Medicine course like no other.



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