Do Past Lives Matter?

I’m loving sharing wisdom and a little bit of my experience of the 6 powerful guiding forces over the last few weeks which are:

  1. Celestial bodies including planets, Earth, zodiac and Nakshatra constellations. 
  2. DNA coding including our ancestral line. 
  3. Past life karma (conditioning) and punya (merit). 
  4. The stories of what happened to us in this life. 
  5. Guides. 
  6. The Higher Self

I am delighted to connect with you again on a theme that I have found so aligned and potent right now. So many of my clients and students are deep on their journey into coming into realignment with their Self/Soul energy and remember the innate wisdom they have access to, always. Sometimes on that journey we go into past life karma (conditioning) and punya (merit). It’s not something I lead into, however if it surfaces, often it means there are lessons to be learned and abundance to be honoured.

Our Past life karma (conditioning) and punya (merit) is one of the guiding forces of our Soul Journey and powerful influencers of this life. How? We don’t really know – it’s one of the Great Mysteries. 

What I can tell you though, is what I see in my clients, students and have experienced from my own journey… At a certain point, past life remembrances can help to contextualise the challenges that I am facing in this life. We seem to attract or magnetise into our field, more of the same challenges – in order to give it another chance to clear. It’s nature’s way of helping us clear and realign. 

And it’s the same with past life punya – merit. Often, I see clients who just give themselves a hard time, and then they have an experience that shows them just how far they have come,  how much work they have done, and the merit they have accumulated living purposeful lives in service. This helps them to find a greater sense of peace.

So, how do our past life remembrances activate? Essentially – when it’s time. And when the channels are clear and our core is stable enough to anchor into the experience.  This is why I emphasise a regular energy practice to all my students and clients – especially those traveling through these realms – its an essential part of deeper Soul alignment and remembrance.

Try a 7 day consecutive grounding and stabalising energy practice which would set you up beautifully for a deeper exploration of your Soul journey. My students recently did this one and it was so insightful.

Our past life karma (conditioning) and punya (merit) is an aspect of deep inner journeying that we guide our clients and students on in a safe way, however it’s normally part of structured deep dive work – we don’t normally invite people to come and do one-off past-life regressions or ancestral work.


It’s about safety and honouring the journey.

I have experienced the insight from my own past lives – the challenges and the merit – positively impacting my life now. It’s hugely supported me to navigate my Soul Journey on Earth at this time. However, the insight and wisdom came in it’s own sweet time when given the space – not when I was forcing it – but when I’d allowed myself to go on that journey of honouring… 

My multi-dimensional nature…

My Bodhisattva vow (to keep coming back until all Souls are ascending together)…

That in this life, my karma is my biggest teacher…

The Guides and beings that support me…

The Earth and my Vision for life and Mission on our planet…

Only when I’d been on this journey did my experience of life and Soul Journeying go to the next level. This level of seeing, acknowledging and clearing the oldest of energies I’ve been carrying from my past lives and also ancestral realms. Because in my past lives I’ve carried many ancestor’s burdens too and the imprints of these can be there.

This is the journey I invite my clients and students on. Particularly my students. Having 5 month immersions together with structured work in all these areas paves the way to go DEEP and do the work we are here to do now. And if this appeals to you – there’s no better time to join us than now…

 ∞   E N E R G Y   M E D I C I N E    P R A C T I T I O N E R   T R A I N I N G  ∞

Tuesday 20th September 2022 – Tuesday 10th January 2023

∞ Learn to be  a trauma and IFS-informed energy healing facilitator with robust therapeutic skills ∞

Information & Registration Here

Key Benefits:

▵ Be safely held and guided through your inner healing journey, processes and challenges and feel confident to do the same for your clients

▵ Learn how to work with your parts, emotions and heal trauma through the basic Internal Family Systems model as well as apply that to your work

▵ Clear karma, stagnant energy and burdens that will take you to the next phase of your healing and understand how to support your clients

▵ Feel confident and empowered to navigate your self-healing journey and those of your clients

▵ Start to become more embodied and feel your mind and body connection come more under your command

▵ Be initiated into working with foundational level trauma-informed wisdom and practice that will set you apart in your field and boost your professional practice and credibility

▵ Understand the basics of detoxification of metabolites, toxins and old, burdened energy

▵ Feel part of a thriving, beautiful community

This programme is only for those who have completed Reiki Level 1. Feel free to visit our website below and book a Discovery Call to see if this is the right fit for you. We would be honoured to hold this space for you.

Perhaps you have not completed Reiki Level 1 and would like to take this up? Get in touch and let us know, we are always on the look out for new students to teach.

I Love You, Divine One

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