Fire Ceremonies Reprogram The Matrix

Ceremonies working with the elements, particularly the fire, help us balance and cultivate the most powerful energy that can be used for transmutation, distant healing, inner purification and ultimately nature alignment. This ceremony works for the individual as well as for whoever one wishes to send healing to as well as to help support our own individual and collective consciousness evolution into the 4th and 5th Dimension. At this critical time of Soul Template Activation, trauma healing and nature realignment, this ceremony is an essential step of personal practice, group healing and planetary service.

As we hold space for the old systems and paradigms to naturally crumble, transform or altogether disappear, our intentions, prayers and connection to nature are a vital part of future New Earth Manifestations. Our collective consciousness continues to weave our reality, and so bringing our awareness to it is of utmost importance. We rise together, as one.

Yagyas or havans (fire ceremonies) are portals into the very fabric of time – space where we can literally insert new code to correct the matrix and redirect our energies to collapse into our most favourable timeline.

Working with the potent transmutational power of the fire and making hundreds of offerings to the Divine, we establish ourselves as the Creator and take our place as the manifestors of our reality.

At these gatherings we will create our individual and collective prayers and intentions and chant powerful Sanskrit mantras hundreds of times to create a powerful vortex entry point into the fabric of space – time – we enter new code for manifestation.

Indigenous traditions all over the planet have this similar practice, of sitting with the fire in a tribal, ceremonial, ritualistic or intentional way, to create shifts, honour or attune. The fire is respected as having a spirit of its own that is an important part of our reality. The fire is a fundamental part of our alchemical arts – without it, we have no life on Earth – and no means to progress.

When working with any element, the fundamental teachings lie in the characteristic of that element, and through communion and practice, we can learn to draw these characteristics into our consciousness to support our evolution. This s part of the journey I guide with my students and clients.

What Is Yog-Vedantic Himalayan Yoga?

Yoga is a way of life, rather than a particular ideological or cultural paradigm. It is the practice of living life life, expanding in all areas of our existence and creating unity. We teach and support clients to make deep transformations, expand into their ever-evolving Self, experience the sheer brilliance and bliss of life and evolve their consciousness.

Rooted in the ancient Himalayan -Yog Vedantic and Tantric traditions, teachings, science, philosophy and devotional practices integrate radical and relevant wisdom with meditation; pranayama (breath work); techniques form the Kundalini and Kriya Yoga traditions; deepening connection and devotion through Laya, Bhakti and Sufi practices; the healing power of sound and mantra; free movement; Hatha Yoga asanas; Jyotish (Vedic Astrology); seva (service); sustainable dharmic living and personal sadhana practice. We often refer to this as an Integrated Yogic Practice’. This is the way yoga was intended to be practiced.

These practices are not separate from life, but rather are practical, systematic science of enlightenment and evolution of consciousness; going well beyond the yoga mat and infusing with all aspects of life. This tradition can often be confused with the religion of Hinduism which is a colonised concept brought about by the British Empire over 300 years ago. Before they created the religion, the Vedantic tradition was just a way of life that proliferated throughout the entire Indian sub-continent – that was not practiced as a dogmatic, controlled religion. It was as diverse and colourful as the entire of the land, with millions of people practicing the sacred rituals, practices and sciences in their own Sovereign ways.

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