An Equinox Reading

We send you blessings as you step through this next seasonal Gateway of the Equinox, depending on your geographic location on March 20th. Take a moment here to tune into this space and breathe in the energy of this time. As you exhale, relax into the journey ahead. Here’s our insight into the Great Portal and Gateway of Time.

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, you are leaving Winter behind and entering Equinox into the season of Spring. Nevertheless this time of year is associated with a coming out of the ‘darkness’, incubation, quiet phase and into new beginnings, seeding intentions that will grow and ripen and also this is a time of birthing. As in Vedic astrology the Sun is approaching Aries to begin the astrological new year, this Initiating energy is even more pronounced. 

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are shifting into Autumn, coming out of the exalted creational and expressive time of Summer, into a time of slowing down, shedding and integration. Again, the Initiating energy of the Sun is helping us to go inward a little more.

The wider astrology of this time relies on the ‘big’ planets positions and transits, as well as some finer attunements to the Nakshatras (the 27 sub-constellations), which I outline below. All of this must also be synthesised within the context of approaching Eclipse season. With these intense energies coming into play – this is a time to cultivate and harness the oncoming Celestial energies in order to take ourselves deeper into an awareness of how we can avoid our lower tendencies and move toward the potential higher expressions of the energies available to us.


Saturn is with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius – it’s home – and so the energy is strong here for Saturn. Saturn is the slow moving dense planet of our Solar system that is taking us into our inner world to learn the lessons from the challenges we’ve faced.

Here in Aquarius it’s a strong and challenging energy as we fully align to the acceptance that we have lessons to learn, and then we’re in the flow of Saturn. The potential is for the learning here – the treasure we take from the lessons we’ve learned, to open up our vision and inner stand our dharma path and spiritual path.

Together with Mars and Venus – Saturn in Aquarius wants us to focus in, dig deep, innerstand how our lessons have given us the creative gifts to be in service in a way that supports human expression, bringing us all back to joy and unconditional love.

All this within the backdrop of the Rahu and Ketu Axis and Jupiter in Aries. Rahu and Ketu in Pisces and Virgo respectively – is in essence holding a space of deep Feminine, nourishing, watery emotional healing for the lessons we are learning about the parts of us that must let go of their burdens so we can actualise our path. The Moon, one of our strongest influencers, in its home of Cancer aligned to Nakshatra Pushya just echoes, reinforces and anchors this energy in a big, big way.

The Sun is positioned with Rahu in Pisces for this Equinox – with Rahu in Pisces – these two ‘big’ Celestial bodies bringing in a fiery and airy balance to the presence of the watery emotional nourishment and the devotion to nurture of Pisces. 

Jupiter in Aries initiates our expansion to another level  of this ever-evolving journey of healing and consciousness evolution. 

What is this new level for you?

Perhaps it’s turning things up a notch, perhaps it’s trying out a new modality… 

Perhaps it’s taking your personal growth with all this new, juicy learning, to a new exalted place of awareness and inspired action. 

With the Sun playing a crucial role in this Equinox – sharing fairly equal light to all parts of the planet, we all benefit from the alignment with the Nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada. This constellation too brings a strong fire energy that can bring out our anger and instability of the mind, and to avoid this, one must draw upon the disciplined energy of Saturn which is the lord of this Nakshatra. If we commit to the practice of staying present with this Equinox Gateway – we can allow the Celestial bodies to reveal to us what is up for healing and what is there to learn and integrate.

All of this brings opportunities to harness the now in preparation for the further Eclipse Gateways that we can Initiate ourselves through beginning next week. We shall share more information on the energy of the eclipses soon.


As ever, this Equinox provides an opportunity to sit at the Altar of our Being and contemplate this moment, what is arising, what there is to offer and what is being received. The simplest of rituals are often the most effective:

Rise with the Sun – to honour our central, live-giving star

Open the space with a prayer to call into your space and give gratitude to yourself, guides, teachers and nature beings

Make a prayer to the water and offer some water to the Sun and/or Earth

Make an offering of food to to the Sun and/or Earth

Light an incense as an offering to the Sun and/or Earth

State your intention for your healing and/or growth and what deep healing looks like to you as you light a candle and intend that the fire burn away your karma

Be in stillness and receive

Give gratitude to all the beings you opened the space with at the start and close the space

Pass your love and joy onto others on this day and remember that it is through the Gateways that we Initiate ourselves into deeper aspects of our Earthly journey. We honour you as you honour yourself! With deepest love and respect to you dear one!

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