Eclipse Energy 8/4/24

Eclipse energy can be disturbing to the very sensitive nervous systems of the human mind and body due to the way that the energies of the planets come into alignment and interact electromagnetically with Earth and us. Being so sensitive to this process means that focus and commitment to maintain presence with the parts of our mind and burdens that get activated – is key.

I wrote an article a while back on why eclipse energies are so intense and I have updated it today to include some very important information about how the it is potentially interacting with our energy fields. I highly recommend you read this article too spcially if you are preparing for the Eclipse! Have a look here.

The Moon, Sun and Rahu are all together in Pisces for this Solar Eclipse aligned specifically to the Nakshatra Revati. What energy is this bringing?

First we must understand the backdrop – which gives us the wider dimension of energies at play. 

Saturn is still in Aquarius with Mars. And Jupiter is in Aries with Mercury.

Saturn with the flavour of Mars in Aquarius wants us to focus in, dig deep and innerstand how our lessons are turning us toward our dharma – our purposeful path – they way respond to the need of the hour. 

Jupiter with Mercury in Aries initiates and illuminates our intellectual expansion to draw upon the Supreme wisdom to another level of this ever-evolving journey of consciousness evolution.

So there’s the balance of inward focus and integration and then the outward radiance of our refined intellectual vision and knowledge from this inner stability.

At this time of great phenomenal shifts for humanity – I cannot overstate how the current global crisis that underlies all of this. As we go through a collective witnessing of our pain and suffering – we can turn inwards and get intimate with what is unresolved within – as a way of contributing to the whole. It’s the greatest power we have for transformation and change for all.

How can we move ourselves into this space?

What can we learn from our own personal journeys that will serve humanity?

So back to the Moon, Sun and Rahu in Pisces and Revati. Pisces is the very gentle, nurturing and caring feminine essence bringing a natural presence and devotional ability. Ability, or capacity is the key here. For it is in drawing upon and cultivating this capacity to be and experience – that we can fully practice and play with the energies to their full potential. Without the capacity – we cannot embody.

Revati is the final Nakshatra in the cycle of Nakshatras (the 27 sub-constellations that sit “behind” the zodiac) before it initiates once more with Ashwani – which is a headstrong, authoritative and honourable lead into the new cycle.

Before we get here – and initiate the power of Ashwani, which will happen in just a matter of days following the eclipse, we must honour the last part of Revati’s frequency – to be able to fully integrate the teachings from the ending of a cycle. 

Revati is considered the Great Womb Of The Divine Mother – it is the end as well as the beginning – the continuing cycle towards moksha – spiritual liberation. This energy is good for spiritual goal, faith and devotion to God. 

What teachings and awareness are you integrating at this time from the end of your cycles and patterns?

The Solar eclipse – led here by the luminosity and confidence of the Sun is drawing upon us to carve out our own path from a place of unburdened, liberated central power. But first we must close out any cycles of arrogance, restlessness, stubbornness and insecurity – the shadow side of the Sun.

And disappointment. Revati wants us to release the disappointment and regret of all that is not being fulfilled in this now. Instead, to see the potential in this now.

The solar eclipse is one of the most Earth-shifting phenomenon we have at this time particularly due to the proximity of this celestial body to us and as the coronal mass ejections of the Sun seem to be peaking early ahead of the maximum points of its 11 year cycle. The Sun’s energy is big. Time to hunker down and stabalise your nervous system.

This is not a time to distract yourself with prayers for others and big ceremonies – unless you are in an incredible place of stability. Now is a time to be still, cultivate stability, turn inwards and integrate the energies. Of course, send out prayers as part of your personal journey this eclipse – but stay focussed on you.


The best way to prepare for an eclipse is to hunker down, nourish yourself, stabalise the nervous system and ground in. Be mindful of what you fill your mind with and focus in on whats important for your self care.

Discipline to maintain a practice and cultivate presence is key. Do yourself many favours and align your will to the will of the Divine play – accepting with gratitude – that all is arising FOR you – not against you. Meet your parts where they are at, and give them what they need. If you need support working with anxiety and other activations of your parts – take a look at this article.


This journey is a combination of parts work, pranayama, Reiki practices, Kundalini Kriyas, Chi Movements and Meditation. It’s a wonderful, gentle journey to soothe and calm the nervous system as part of a recalibration process.

We work with the brain to rewire neural pathways and bring the nervous system back online. It’s a very supportive journey for those of you doing inner work on your emotional and energy bodies and one that you can do at any time of day, including the evening. Feel free to shorten this practice if you;d like something more accessible time-wise.

In deep reverence to you as always Dear Ones! May you navigate this time with grace and ease and may you allow yourself to be held within the loving embrace of the Great Mother.

Eclipse Blessings Divine Beings!

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