Why I’m Upgrading My Approach To Healing

Why I’m Upgrading My Approach To Healing

I used to believe that healing karma and the burdens of trauma (which are both one and the same) through energy and parts work was the quickest way to consciousness evolution, or enlightenment as others may call it.

I was fixated on healing karma/trauma from this life, the ancestral line and past lives.

I studied, read, journeyed and learned everything I could about trauma.

I then had a huge realisation – or remembrance. One of the biggest of my life. It has changed everything. It’s been a three year long journey of deep reflection and inner work to get myself out of the way to learn this.

Healing is not the point. And healing is not needed for consciousness evolution. It helps – by clearing the channels and getting our parts out the way – which makes us more present for consciousness evolution to take place. But its not the be-all-and-end-all.

The energy of the traumas or adverse events we experienced in life get stored in the body and our energy fields and is doing its own thing. We’ve created stories and narratives about these traumas and incidents and therefore the energy that is burdened that we carry becomes laden with more and more energetic heaviness and gets more deeply rooted in. Then, we come in and try to control the burdens, by trying to move it, direct it “heal it”, and in doing this we may be allowing the mind to come in and control it. In this we hinder the natural process of healing. 

If the story we have created is that we ‘need’ to heal, or that there is something ‘broken’ or ‘not right’ that needs ‘healing’ – we are creating more burden for the existing burden to endure. We are weighing it down even more. We are allowing our actions to be dominated by a fear-based approach.

Where we feel we “need” to heal – this is a sign that perhaps that is coming from a place of fear. These perceived needs are shrouded in is so much judgment – so much story – so much inadequacy. We’ve created something that is ‘broken’ and now have to create ‘healing’ to mend it. We are perpetually creating our reality right here.

This is where we can surrender ourselves by bringing our attention to the energy or burdens that are being held in our system that force us to create these realities. We witness it.

This is what holding space really is. This is the core of it. Everything else is technical.

When we get ourselves and our agendas out the way, we can witness the karma/trauma and energy around it by sitting with it. Through the acknowledgement, honouring, acceptance and loving of it – we allow the energy to move and clear itself in it’s own sweet time without obstructing it with our mind.

To be able to witness is to be fully present. And this is what we use the tools for. To help us be more present – and in that the energy clears itself – because the body and Soul is intelligent and knows what to do.

Our consciousness evolves through four aspects:

  1. Doing the inner parts work to get our part’s agendas, needs and controls met, acknowledged, negotiated and then ultimately out the way and connecting them to Self.
  2. Clearing and activating our energy bodies which also works on the emotional bodies and biomemory.
  3. Aligning with nature in order to reconnect the separation we’ve created from our true nature – which is that we are nature.
  4. Aligning with our heart, Self, Soul, to reconnect our separation with nature.

All this we teach our students on the various courses and programmes we teach. We want to encourage an exploration of our fundamental purpose here on Earth with our students. Our Soul Path – based on our Soul Vision. How we spend our time Earth depends on this.

In this life, we hold, accumulate and play with energy. See it like a bank… We have:

The energy we generate from ceremony, service, creative expression, devotion and other actions. These are our deposits.

Then we have the burdened, dense energy of trauma and karma and the dense energy from interfering with people’s free will. This takes out of our bank deposits.

At the end of it all, what belance are we left with?

This is how we transition into our next life.

We literally choose to take on other people’s burdens and energy by attaching to them in different ways. Often we do this unconsciously, as children, and sometimes a little more consciously as adults. This is not holding space for us or them. This is interfering with their space.

So, what do you choose?

A life of liberated sovereignty?

Or a life of expectation and control?

To be free we must relinquish the need to control from a place of fear.

The need to be better, have more, do more, be more worthy.

We must surrender so we can see what’s beneath our surface, face it, accept it, acknowledge it, clear and heal it. Take inspired action to live our lives and make choices that are aligned to our Soul Vision and Earth Mission.

We are here to remember why we are here.

We are here because a miracle has enabled it. We’ve been gifted this experience, this miracle simply to experience it.

The Divine Masculine – God Shiva is the container, the protector and the silence, the nothingness form which energy and matter – the Goddess – Divine Feminine – Shakti emerged from. This Earth was part of what was created from pure consciousness. And we were born over and over again onto this planet – creating the Earth and humanity the way it is.

So we keep coming back to play, correct and evolve what we’ve created.

How are you going to play?

Perhaps you would like to come and learn with us… We’re teaching our students, such as those on our Our recent Energy Medicine Practitioner Programme, to be clear and powerful practitioners and teachers, taking this planet into a new era of safe, clean space-holding.  See our School here.

The Importance Of This Time

Millions of Souls are gathering all over the planet, ad hoc on the aether, and also at auspicious times such as the Solstice, to weave their prayers and intentions; to hold space for themselves, others and the planet; to anchor in and activate the light codes and energies; work with the Ancestors and spirit guides; and release the most ancient of burdens that for some reason, we chose to take on.

This is how I spend many weekends of the year – gathering with Divine beings to undertake medicine, healing, spiritual  or consciousness work and play together. With my beloved tribes, meeting ourselves at our most vulnerable place, yet allowing that power to be our Warrior essence. 

I am deeply humbled by what I’ve witnessed… The Souls that heard the call to step into this constellation, deeply committed to witnessing and clearing this karma, together on an individual and collective level. The courage to allow into the mind and body, phenomenally intense healing medicines that demand full surrender.

We are at the Dawn of a New Earth. Literally everything is shifting, right before our very eyes. We are healing the separation we created with nature. This is the very core of what it is to be human today. 

We are held so steadfast by the Celestial forces whose power we draw from to clear and balance individual and collective karma and utilise this to purge deep, deep energy we’ve chosen to be burdened with. To come into alignment as a part of nature.

As above – so below – the Celestial bodies grace us with fresh, new energy, light, faith and love just as we beam that out to the Universe through our individual and collective prayers, intentions, offerings and devotion.

As you ride these intense vibes Divine Ones, remember, you’re part of something so incomprehensibly phenomenal happening on this planet, in this Solar system, in this Galaxy right now. Be you, that’s enough.


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