Lionsgate Potential For Earth + Ritual

Another powerful astrological portal opens, this time with the potential of collapsing into the most favourable timeline for Earth.

Within Vedic astrology, the zodiac star constellations are not fixed and so our Sun is not moving into the different signs at the same time as in Western astrology. What is coined as “Lionsgate” is the Western astrology interpretation of our Sun being in Leo at this time and aligned to Sirius and Earth. In Vedic astrology – today on this 8/8 portal – our Sun is in Cancer, and also aligned to the Nakshatra Ashlesha. 

Remember, Sun is still the ruler of Leo, so wherever the Sun is, Leo energy is there and the Lion remains a guardian of this powerful Gateway, along with some other powerful Celestial forces which you can read about below…

Below I break down my interpretation which includes Divine guidance in relation to the significance of the numerology of 8/8 as well as the alignment of Sun in Cancer and Ashlesha. Enjoy!

Let’s start with the significance of the alignment itself… When the three Celestial bodies are aligned, information can easily be communicated between. It is way too simplistic to say that this is bringing abundance and creativity into our space… Yes, when information is easily transmitted, it is able to come in greater abundance and strength, however this is simply a natural law. We are now receiving more of Sirius light and energy. What will support us is the energy coded within that.

So what other energies are aligned to Sirius, from the position of Sirius, perhaps even star systems we are not aware of? We do not fully know…

Here’s an interesting excerpt from Gabriel Comia, Jr’s piece, ‘4th of July, Star Sirius, Yahweh, and the Vedic Nakshatras’:

“Sirius was worshiped by the Egyptians as a divinity, Osiris, and by Persians as Tishtrya or Tir (Bow and Arrow), and in Sanskrit as Rudra (in the Rigveda).

According to Vedic astrology this Star Sirius comes under (the) constellation (Nakshatra) called “Ardra” inside the zodiac sign Gemini. Its deity is Lord Rudra.

The significance of Orion according to Egyptian mystics lies in the fact that “all the souls incarnating on planet Earth come through this galactic gateway between Taurus and Gemini – “ Ardra Nakshatra.”

So it seems that perhaps Ardra Nakshatra could be one influencing factor, or even a partly characterising energy of Sirius, as it may be one part of a Gateway (I intend to write another piece this Gateway at another time). Read on on to hear my hypothesis…

Ardra resides entirely in a dual sign – Gemini and so of course, Gemini energy is here too. The energy of polorisation, adaptability and communication with the potential of becoming integrated, grounded and embodied. Ardra is also the lord of Rahu, the North Node of the Moon. And so, with Ardra comes the mind. (head) of Rahu and great thinking capacity, a deep feeling nature and passionate thinking. Its deity is Rudra – Lord Of Storms and God Of Destruction the – fierce form of Shiva.

The storm is a Divine force that comes to destruct, shift, cleanse and transform so that we may create anew again… What we get here is that power and intelligence is a double edged sword that can lead to destruction – and this destruction can be from love – in order to create for the highest and greatest good of all – or it can come from malevolent or skewed intentions, which brings Divine destruction in order to reorder and rebalance power. Therefore one has to be careful when one gets power. Just like the Demon Kartha receives a gift from Brahman of unbelievable power and starts to appease gods and not care for anyone. The lower expression of Ardra is the potential to abuse power and run after materialistic things. And in an unrefined Ardra energy, there can also be Issues with death, pain and suffering as in the lower tendency of abuse of power, everyone suffers…

Does this situation sound familiar to you? This to me is epitomised with “modern day Earth”.

And that is not to say that Earth is Hell and Heaven does not also exist here. We are indeed experiencing a whole new paradigm shift – I do believe we are moving out of this dark age that has been called Kali Yuga – however this Celestial story speaks parallel to a form of “reality” here on Earth. I am curious about how the energies pouring into the Earth sphere have influenced us to get to this state and what the potential there is.

As humans are awakening and returning to a natural way through the support of other Celestial forces, we are now awakening to the POTENTIAL of this Ardra energy – which is an expansion into alleviating suffering through a transcendence of our fear based state. This is what humans are realising now – that we have a choice as to what reality we pull into our timeline. And as Sirius continues to shine it’s energy upon us, we are now working with it differently and drawing in the potential to move as humans beyond a third dimensional experience into Cosmic Consciousness where we release fear, identify with our astral body and stabalise into the Heart, or Christ Consciousness as many call it – through the Sacred and Divine union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Aspects.

And this makes total sense to me – as the Sirius-Ardra energy is filtered through the Sun into our Solar System and onto Earth. The Sun is ruled by Leo – the fierce and fearless Lion – which encourages at its highest frequency – Self-leadership, high functioning, impact and confidence. At its lower expression, the Sun is arrogance, insecurity, stubbornness and restlessness to name a few tendencies, which pair very well with the lower tendencies of Ardra that we may have been pulling through. So Earth has been under the illusion that we are leaders, confident in our “advanced” ways and that we really know it all. Just take the pandemic as an example. Wow did humans take over and convince the rest of us of what direction to take? Arguably so. Was it arrogant and stubborn. Also arguably so.

We needed that to see our foolishness, our arrogance, our aggressiveness and violence. And no more. We are realising as a human race – “slowly”, but surely. We are moving into a new dawn, a new epoch of infinite potential – which the number 8 characterises and which comes to us today.

Remember it is our collective consciousness that collapses the most favourable timeline. It is through the magic of will and intent; prayer and ritual, that we pull a continuously shapeshifting and self-forming holographic reality. Together.

With the determination of Ardra can bring rewards but with a certain degree of luck, or merit – ‘punya’. Our merit has an expansive quality, we draw into our field the abundance and gifts of our merit, and with the continual practice of reciprocity, passing on our merit, through being in service and helping alleviate the suffering of others, we keep attracting more and more in an effortless flow. Yes, more of this Ardra every please – we can use it now.

The Sun is aligned to Cancer and Ashlesha Nakshatra on this particular Lionsgate and this brings an every finer dimension of energy. Ashlesha represents the rising kundalini – located at the base of the spine and when activated – the energy can bring mystical power, electrifying the Shakti and spiritual enlightenment. This serpent energy must be respected and harnessed through kundalini energy work. Working with kriyas, Sekhmet energy, pranayama, movement, meditation and chi practices are all excellent and will support the amplifying and strengthening of the qualities that the Sun is bringing into the equation as well as the Sirius – Ardra energies as detailed above. Perhaps the practices at our Youtube channel can help.

Cancer is the strong grip of the sensitive and fertile Divine Feminine and this dimension is activating the Lioness as well as the Lion in us all. The softer as well as the fierce, or even “shadow” side of the Feminine. It could also be activating the Supreme capacity for being able to birth anything – nurturing –  or for movement. You choose.

The Taurus – Gemini Gateway, or Portal through which Sirius beams through the Sun onto Earth is also holding pillars of light: polorisation, adaptability and communication of Gemini and fertility, vitality and dependability of Taurus. A rich tapestry of Divine light coming to support Earth to recognise the gift of form and matter – the duality of material existence, and birth a new, energised way of being human, creating Heaven on Earth and stabalising into the Heart. 

How are you holding the frequency of infinite potential in your body right now?

What parts of you are blocking or distracting this?

What parts of you are not willing to accept your Divine, abundant nature?

Where can you focus the inner work in order to keep remembering that you CAN relax back into the abundance of these energies that continuously pull us into our infinite potential?

When does your Cosmically Conscious Heart feel strongest? What activities, gatherings and creativity help you access this stable, radically present trust of Self?

What intention does the fierce Lion/Lioness (Sun) within you want to express today?

Ritual/puja suggestion: Be at your altar or in your garden/nature. Ring a bell, open your palms and your heart, make an offering to the Sun at sunrise in a copper vessel, and give gratitude to the Celestial bodies. Set and intention to balance the fire within. Activate the navel centre with pranayama like Khapala Bhati (Breath of Fire) and sit in meditation visualising the Sun, then Sirius in alignment with Earth. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth for a cooling and stabilising breath as you draw in the light and energies upon you. Ground yourself by connecting your feet and lower body to the Earth and visualise/command excess energy leaving the body. Follow the journal prompts above and then speak your intention to the Celestial bodies. Touch your forehead to the Earth.

Sending you infinite Lionsgate Portal Blessings Dear One. Please remember that today is simply the peak of this alignment and we can ALWAYS harness and draw in any of the energies discussed today.

All my love, Natasha Anand xox


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