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Milk thistle will protect and detoxify your liver

Milk thistle will protect and detoxify your liver This is one of the 1st steps in achieving optimum health and preventing illness… or treating any illness you have: detoxifying your liver so it can support your body to tackle and prevent disease and illness. Liver health is vital for life!


Navigating Relationship Dynamics

It’s so important to stay centred in ourselves to allow our intimate relationships to flourish. And by intimate relationships, I mean all close relationships that go deep and where we feel free to share those deeper aspects of ourselves. These can be relationships with our friends, parents, siblings, colleagues, partners, business partners and so on. […]


Cleanse & Activate Your Chakras

I know you care about your health and wellbeing and approach it in a holistic way. So, I thought you may enjoy this downloadable image we created of the chakra system. It includes wisdom on the relations and associations to the Endocrine and emotional system as well as important tools for working with them.  We are […]