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Milk thistle will protect and detoxify your liver

Milk thistle will protect and detoxify your liver This is one of the 1st steps in achieving optimum health and preventing illness… or treating any illness you have: detoxifying your liver so it can support your body to tackle and prevent disease and illness. Liver health is vital for life!


Creating & Embodying Boundaries

Watch the video I made to accompany this article As our energy systems expands, so does our consciousness and our conscious awareness. Naturally, our perspective shifts and we are able to see more clearly, and with more compassion, how our personal boundaries are holding up.  What I mean by this is – we can see […]


Power Bean Dip

I’m always looking for easy and quick ways to get protein and healthy fat into my meals without having to cook up a storm. High protein and healthy fat foods keep our energy levels up for longer and help our metabolism stay in tip top condition. This recipe was born out of the desire to […]