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Milk thistle will protect and detoxify your liver

Milk thistle will protect and detoxify your liver This is one of the 1st steps in achieving optimum health and preventing illness… or treating any illness you have: detoxifying your liver so it can support your body to tackle and prevent disease and illness. Liver health is vital for life!


The Healing Power Of Witnessing From Self

Are you trapped in the story of your struggle and pain? Do you trust yourself to listen deeply to your body and to be able to hear what it needs? Are you holding that space for yourself? Over the  last 7 days I have been going through a deep process of witnessing the residues of […]


How unburdening trauma connects us more deeply to our guides

Namaste Sangha! I’ve just come off 5 days of intensive training in Internal Family Systems Level 3, offered by the IFS Institute. It was a huge privilege and honour to be taught by the Legendary Richard Schwartz, the founder of the model, pioneer and global visionary. I got to hear about his vision to change […]