Natasha Anand Boojihawon

You've heard the call to hold-space for the most phenomenal time of transformation on Earth... Join a tribe of Guides, Earthkeepers, Priestesses, Priests other Space-Holders and take your place in an epic constellation of Souls.

We are at an incredible point in time where the steps we take now are setting in motion a tremendous and poignant future. Whatever we do, the future is approaching, and so it is at this crossroads where we awakened humans take a leap into the commitment to serve unconditionally and show up to take our place in the Divine plan that is naturally unfolding.

What this planet calls for is a new movement, a new tribe of Space-Holders that are equipped and stable to steward in this new epoch. These Space-Holders must be a Radical tribe – ready to do things differently and completely flip the whole paradigm on its head.

We’ve got to be on top of our game, we cannot afford to give away our power and energy to victim consciousness, fear-based, misaligned decision-making and agendas that are not inherently Sovereign and in natural flow.

In order for us to show up to our families and communities, we have to honour ourselves first and find our own way so that we may inner stand and embody what it is to be a Space-Holder.

We must humble ourselves in nature, as nature, in order to learn the mystical arts of alchemy and magic.

We must learn the ways of the Priests and Priestesses; of the Earthkeepers and Wizards; the Witches and Medicine People. We must cultivate the ability to listen deeply to our innate wisdom, to the intelligence of nature, our Guides and the spirits of the Earth without our self-doubt getting in the way.

This is the Path Of Initiation. It is available to you now.

In the 'Beyond The Chrysalis' podcast recorded by Minal Bhanshali I share my story, what it is to embody the practices of Tantra and be an Earthkeeper.

Our next Sacred Space Holding Training offers a space for you to develop your space-holding skills to facilitate individuals and groups on journeys of transformation and accessing deeper states of healing, as well as…


▵ Initiations into sacred rituals and rites

▵ Learn the fundamentals of sacred ceremony

▵ Watch Demonstrations with prolific therapists

▵ Energy Initiations & Activations

▵ Ancient Cosmologies & Consciousness Studies

▵ Tantra wisdom & practice from it’s origins in the Himalayas 

Heal past life and ancestral karma

▵ An Introduction to Earth  Alchemy – working with Dragons, leylines, the elements & Sacred Sites

▵ Creating Sacred Spaces

Who is this training and mentorship for?

▵ Aspiring Practitioners, Therapists and Space-Holders already in the fields of:

Bodywork, Energy Medicine, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Practices, Martial Arts, Mediumship & Divination, Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Ancient Healing Practices and more.

▵ Established practitioners from any Wellbeing field that want to bring in a Sacred and profoundly strengthening dimension to your containers, programmes or practice.

▵ Practitioners who have an existing Space-Holding practice or service, who want to take things to the next level, creating transformational spaces and processes that take your clients to access deeper states of healing and consciousness.

▵ Space-Holders working at high-level multi-dimensionality and desire a mentorship that allows you to learn from peers, be seen, and freely express the Divine Sovereign essence you are.

▵ Space-Holders who want a safe space to explore you Divine nature and speak openly and frankly about the work and play of multi-dimensional alchemy.


“I have done several workshops and had one to one sessions with Natasha and have found her to be incredibly personable, attentive and knowledgeable a cross a wide range of therapies.

“She has a wonderful magical way about her and it is always a pleasure to visit her. It is my absolute pleasure to offer this recommendation.”


With Natasha’s teachings, she shifts the energy, she gets you breathing and gets you to move your body in a way that pushes the blockages out and gets the body flowing. She’s like the water that flows that purifies.


“Thank you for sharing this practice, I can tell this is your passion. You do it so well, please keep sharing.”


“Authentic & real gifted teachers can be few and far to come by & find in the hustle & bustle of a city like Manchester. I am eternally grateful I was guided to Natasha Anand. The course I attended reconnected me to my source on a deep level, with in-depth philosophy & teachings in a real sacred safe space. I have extended my learnings with Natasha as her energy & wisdom has brought me back to a place I strayed away from for some time. I recommend Natasha & her courses, you will be grateful, as am I.”


“It seems to me like Natasha Anand was born to teach. I came away with new techniques on how to not only help others heal, but on how to heal myself also.”


“Natasha held such a beautiful space and love filled it. Everything she shared in terms of teachings resonated.”


‘’Working with Natasha gave me the strength, confidence and courage to move forward.”


“Before working with Natasha, I felt stuck in life. I received lots of support and advice on detoxing and healing during an online program. Natasha gave me space and I felt seen and heard. Following the program, I manifested my dream to travel to India!”


’Before starting my healing work with Natasha things were busy, full on and I didn’t know what was blocking me. Through weekly 1 to 1 sessions I connected to patterns in my life and my deepest issues started to make sense.’’