Natasha Anand Boojihawon

The imprints of celestial energies gives us a profound insight and blueprint of the Soul, moving us toward our higher potential and expression, helping us navigate the flow of life.

Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology is known as the ‘Eye of the Vedas’, or the illumination that flows through the Divine. The Vedas themselves are the great scriptures – speaking of the knowledge of self and Jyotish is an extension of the Vedas

Jyotish is a complex and developed science, practice and body of wisdom with a totally different language and approach. It gives us a deep insight into an individual’s journey and blueprint.

We must understand Jyotish from the intent and contextof the whole Yog-Vedantic teachings.When giving a reading, we also share Upayas, or practices, rituals and other technologies that can be utilised to refine one’s consciousness and energy system to move toward the higher potential.

Jyotish gives us insight to our life, specifically...

  • How to utilise this incarnation in the most appropriate manner and fulfill our highest potential.
  • How to flow and fulfil our life of purpose.
  • It gives us knowledge that will aid our Soul’s journey.
  • How to refine our consciousness and stabilise into the next level.
  • What karma from our past lives and ancestral lineage we may be carrying and how to clear it.
  • It helps usunderstand where we are at and what to be aware of.
  • How to navigatie flow of life in the best possible manner.
  • Howto live the most meaningful, purposeful andevolutionary life.
  • How to harness our merit and celestial energiesfor our highest potential and most favourabletimeline.

A Jyotish Reading consists of a 1.5 hour initial consultation plus a 1 hour follow-up and costs £250.


“I Highly Recommend working with Tasha as a Guideto integrating your Higher Self.”


“The support material, instructions and shared experiences really help you reach new levels in awareness and healing. Want to find your glow – let Natasha guide your flow.”


“The knowledge Natasha has on healing is amazing.I feel like I’ve started to shift a lot of energy and beena lot more aware of myself and being present. Since the retreat I’ve started one to one guidance which I’mloving.”