Natasha Anand Boojihawon

I support people on their path of self-mastery to unlock a greater depth of holistic healing, self-empowerment & to embody their divinity.

We are multidimensional beings, more technologically advanced and powerful than we’ve been led to believe.

Health and social care systems, policy and law-makers are far from recognising the importance of holistic, trauma-informed medicine. This is a fundamental issue to humanity and nature recognised by visionary people.

As a result, we feel confused, lost and struggle in pain and conflict. We are confused as to why the doctors or therapists can’t help us heal, and why they only want to manage our symptoms. We’ve been conditioned to believe in the inability of the human body to heal. Yet, allopathic medicine alone cannot address the root causes of the conditions that people experience.

I state this without judgement as to what is wrong or right. I state this in love – anchored in recognition that all of this makes us whole. Without the shadow, or resistance, triggers or conflict, we cannot see what is there to heal, correct or refine.

Ancient wisdom, energy medicine and holistic technologies hold keys to unlocking greater depths of our health, wellbeing and lives through re-establishing the connections we’ve lost. Through recognising we have become separate – we become whole again.

I work therapeutically with people who feel stuck, confused and lost. I guide them to master themselves and experience oneness, so they can live more free, joyful and blissful lives.

I help my clients

  • Evolve their innate technologies of awareness/consciousness, healing and balance
  • Remember how to self-heal with evidence-based, holistic tools
  • Activate their human and soul technologies
  • Remember how to channel and embed wisdom from the Supreme field of knowledge
  • Hold space in their families and communities
  • Remember what their roles are and why they are here
  • Live a purposeful life of integrity and love
  • Free themselves from trauma, struggle, pain, conflict and confusion
  • Create life-lasting wellness outcomes that will have an impact on their future lives

I'm on a healing journey too and provide
tried and tested techniques that really work.

Why am I so
powerful at what I do?

  • I have a TRACK RECORD of consistent results over 6 years supporting people to bring imbalances into alignment through holistic medicine.
  • I have numerous CLIENT CASE STUDIES that demonstrate my methods support people to heal and evolve, faster and get deeper, life-lasting outcomes.
  • My unique HOLISTIC LIFE REVIEW is our proprietary assessment taking a fully holistic view of your life that helps you identify the root causes at the core of your issues.  
  • I fuse together cutting-edge, trauma-informed, technologies and modalities that get sustainable results and re-activates people to their innate wisdom, technologies and resources.
  • My PROGRAMMES & COURSES distil almost 2 decades of research, experience and practice into a simple, step-by-step guide on how to holistically heal and evolve gracefully.
  • I continue to develop and refine my work through practice, which helps create profound outcomes for my clients. 
  • I practice what I preach and strive for the principles of AUTHENTICITY & INTEGRITY, having a powerful daily practice and honest, open approach.
  • I put SAFEGUARDING and TRUST at the heart of my work so that I create the most held environments, conducive to deep healing.
  • I am DEEPLY CONNECTED to my higher self and to the Supreme field of consciousness from where I continuously channel wisdom and knowledge.


“My journey has been absolutely life changing! I am able to meet myself & others more lovingly, understand the internal system of the mind better, work through layers, traumas & process my healing with being held by Natasha. She has guided me to feel more empowered & in tune with myself and given me the tools & practices that I can use on a daily basis. I have learnt to slow down, enhance my self awareness & intuition, speak my truth, hold space for myself & others. I am so grateful to have their guidance & support to help me move forward on my journey.”


“I decided to see Natasha regularly having had many problems with my health and immune system over the years. I have been on my healing protocol since Feb 2017 and have experienced immense changes. My migraines have vanished, I have felt less tired and more able to deal with life’s challenges. Natasha has worked with me to optimise my health, taking into account the mind-body connection, and opened up other avenues for me to self heal.”


“Natasha’s a wonderful healer who dedicates herself very passionately to assisting you with your journey towards optimal health. She has a great capacity for compassion, listening to and attending to your needs  through a variety of healing modalities. I found her own story of health very inspiring which helped me feel understood and motivated. She has insight to empathise with a wide variety of challenges, complications and self-limiting beliefs that come with chronic or acute states of illness and I believe it helped her to very quickly identify in me what my issues and imbalances were, where no other practitioner I’d seen before could. I highly, highly recommend!”


“I am the owner of a company called High Vibe Nutrition and I offer a wide variety of detox programs and plant based nutrition. I attended one of Natasha’s workshops – she is extremely knowledgeable and very supportive of your needs on every level – mind, body and spiritual. I would highly recommend attending one of her workshops or booking a one to one to find out how she can support you on your journey to a better life.  Thanks for all your support Natasha”


“Through following Natasha’s advice all my discomfort has gone.”