Natasha Anand Boojihawon

Get clear on your unique soul blueprint and a snapshot of the challenges and blocks that will become your treasure and propel you into your abundant, prosperous and magnificent true self.

A full experience of life and knowing of our greatness comes from recognising the dualistic nature of the time-bound space realm (the universe) that we exist in. The collective ego and the collective source/soul/god consciousness are two sides of this duality – as are the polarised experiences of separation and love, or oneness. 

We have been gifted many clues to remind us of love and oneness, however due to the dominance of the collective and individualised ego, we have forgotten and become disconnected.

Through recognising we are soul, with other parts of us that have become separate – we can learn to become whole again. Yes, it’s a journey to get to these relaisations, experience, accept and stabilise into them… But once you’re here, you can make a choice to be yoga – unity, one.

Rise-Up Reading – £120
  • 1 hour consultation.
  • Understand your state of consciousness and how to stabilise into the next level.
  • Get the next steps for your physical health and nutrition with our health check.
  • Review and catalyse your goals and dreams with a dive into your abundance and creation manifestation.
  • A karmic scan will pick up bondages, blockages, energetic residues and traumatic burdens ready to be released from this or past lives or the ancestral line. 
  • A reading of your energy system will assess how it’s working and what is needed to activate it further.
  • A card reading will provide divination to help your life right now.

The Rise Up Readings can take place in person or on Zoom.


  • “I Highly Recommend working with Tasha as a Guide to integrating your Higher Self.”


  • “The support material, instructions and shared experiences really help you reach new levels in awareness and healing. Want to find your glow – let Natasha guide your flow.”


  • “The knowledge Natasha has on healing is amazing. I feel like I’ve started to shift a lot of energy and been a lot more aware of myself and being present. Since the retreat I’ve started one to one guidance which I’m loving.”