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High protein detox soup

This week we are in Week 4 of our Holistic Liver Detox 6 Week Online Course, and things are getting intense! So many of us have got out “stuff” really coming up to the surface to be witnessed and cleared – that indeed is central to this process! We’ve been getting our lifestyle and diet just right, making tweaks, incorporating mew food preparation techniques, new products, new types of food… We’ve been making smoothies and hydrating liver tonic juices…

We’ve been doing meditation and yogic practices, doing mindful activities and more! But now with the detox really kicking in and being at its most intense – we just need delicious, comforting, nutrient rich, protein dense detoxing soupy foods to keep us going. And no-fuss – no brain needed – easy and quick, cos there’s just too much going on already! So when you’re in this spot – here’s a meal made simple and straightforward….


2 generous portions

Preparation time:

Time to soak lentils & beans overnight or until sprouted

On the day – 10 minutes

Cooking time:

45 minutes plus overnight soaking


20 minutes if using pre-booked lentils and beans


1 tbsp coconut oil

1 leek

1 veggie yeast free stock cube

4 cups filtered water

Big handful coriander including stalks – cut 1/3 or half the stalks off and finely chop those – take half of whats remaining and chop roughly

Big handful spinach

Few sprigs of thyme

10 curry leaves

1/2 cup coconut milk (optional)

2 tomatoes chopped

1 large inch ginger – mashed/pummelled

1 large garlic cloves – mashed/pummelled

Any other veg you want to chuck in – courgette, peas, carrots, sweetcorn – anything

2 cups cooked lentils – the best is soaked overnight to remove gas/over 2 days till sprouted or tinned/canned

1 cup of any type of beans – the best is soaked overnight to remove gas or tinned/canned

1tsp turmeric powder

1/4 tsp jeera (cumin)

Himalayan pink salt and ground back pepper

Cooked jackfruit to add at the end


  1. Lightly, gently fry the leeks, thyme, curry leaves, turmeric, cumin, black pepper, finely chopped coriander stalk, garlic and ginger to create your spice base. After a couple of minutes, add the chopped tomatoes and cook those down until they are becoming like a paste.
  2. Add in the cooked lentils and beans and the water boiled. Add the stock cube and mash well. Allow the whole mix to simmer gently for a few minutes to allow the flavours to infuse.
  3. Remove the spinach stalks and chop some of the larger spinach leaves. Add the spinach to the top of the coup. Add the roughly chopped coriander to the top of that. Put the lid on, turn the soup down to the lowest setting and leave. After 5 or 7 minutes, the spinach should be nicely wilted, still retaining its deep green colour. Turn off the heat.
  4. Mix the soup and serve. I like to keep some of the coriander sprigs and serve them longer with the bowls of soup. I also add cooked jackfruit and peas for extra protein.
  5. To make this more detoxing – double the amount of turmeric and add in more spinach and coriander, specially fresh coriander to garnish.


Vegan golden milk

Surprisingly I only discovered golden milk later on in life in my 20s… As s child we didn’t have it much as I grew up in Saudi Arabia and with the extreme heat we didn’t do hot drinks much! When I went back home to Mauritius and was old enough to understand (and when I actually started to care!), I discovered this incredible, ancestral drink that was the cure-all medicine of medicines.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

As I’ve made this a fair few more times this winter than normal, I thought I’d share this special and nourishing drink in the traditional way that it’s made with some of my added bits.

The benefits of this drink are;

  • It’s anti-inflammatory with turmeric working on a number of immune pathways. Auto-immune conditions such as Chron’s, Ulcerative Colitis and Psoriasis react very well to support with turmeric as it helps to reduce inflammation and also prevent the risk of relapse.
  • Our immune system also reacts to toxins and pathogens that were exposed to all the time, so regularly supporting the immune system means we’re at less risk of them infiltrating our system.
  • It supports the liver to detoxify, enabling the liver to let go of toxic gunk and function better, keeping us clear. Without a strong liver, the other organs and systems of our body cannot function optimally as the liver is one part of foundational health.
  • The curcumin, one of the active medicinal agents in turmeric, is a powerful antioxidant, meaning it can neutralise free radical damage happening all the time in the body. This will help to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia, heart disease, and many more. The antioxidant properties also make it excellent for the skin and preventing the physical appearance of skin ageing. Read on why anti-oxidants are so important to us.
  • Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory and combined antioxidant power makes it an amazing treatment for osteoarthritis. See my other blog article on the effectiveness of turmeric as compared to their anti-inflammatory pharma drugs here.
  • Turmeric acids, another medicinal agent in the root helps to balance blood sugar levels, which supports people with type 1 and 2 diabetes as well as with metabolic conditions and weight gain. Turmeric can be a used aid in enhancing pharma drugs for those with type 2 diabetes and other conditions.
  • Turmeric could, if part of a wider protocol, prevent cancer as it’s been shown in many studies to influence the growth, development, and spread of cancer cells at a molecular level. Research has also shown that curcumin can potentially lower the growth of new blood vessels in existing tumors, prevent metastasis, and could also potentially contribute to the elimination of cancer cells.
  • Using event relatively small amounts of turmeric in food, it can significantly lower the unhelpful cholesterol, LDL (low density lipoprotein).
  • Turmeric helps to boost bile flow which helps digestion by breaking down dietary fat. This can improve overall digestion and control weight gain.


2 large portions

Preparation time:

2 minutes

Cooking time:

10 minutes


600 ml Almond/coconut milk or mix of both – that’s what I prefer

2 tsp organic turmeric powder or root

DoTERRA Ginger and/or clove essential oil

Pinch black pepper

1tsp Coconut oil

Honey or agave to sweeten

Spices – 6 cardamom – crushed, 5 cloves – crushed, 1/2 tsp dried ginger powder, 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder or bark pieces


Mum’s chai masala mix (green cardamom, clove, fennel seed, cinnamon, tiny bit of pepper for spiciness – all ground)


1. Bring the milk to a simmer.

2. Add turmeric powder or root, black pepper and spices OR Mums chai mix masala if you’ve got some pre-made.

3. Simmer for another 5 minutes.

4. Add 2 or 3 drops of the ginger and clove essential oil and serve well.

5. Strain and serve!

You can stimulate detoxification and immune health in other ways

Always start with the gut! If we are constipated regularly, we wont be able to eliminate toxins and they will just recirculate! No, no, no, that totally defeats the object. Read about optimising gut health here.

Incorporate an anti-inflammatory diet to get in high vibe nutrients that stimulate the immune system. Read my article about it and get the list of foods here. And also find out how and why certain foods are good for detoxification here!Enjoy my article on 5 things you can do to boost your immune system now! And learn more about how to boost the immune system at this article here!

Improve & optimise sleep hygiene which helps to produce more melatonin which is the most powerful antioxidant our body produces helping us to detox while we sleep. Read more about how to do this in my article on sleep hygiene here.

Use essential oils like the ginger oil mentioned in the article which give the body potent, high quality, therapeutic doses of many of the nutrients discussed above. Other amazing essential oils for the immune and detoxification system are: rosemary, hemp, thyme, frankincense (boswellia), chamomile, clove, oregano, grapefruit, fennel, helichrysum, juniper berry, lavender, melaleuca, rosemary, wild orange.

Consider all the levels of detoxification – the mind, body and spirit. When we look at it as a whole picture and detox holistically, we are able to shed more and power up our immune system even more. Our immune system so relies on having good detox mechanisms in the body, so working on it on all levels is key. Read my article about how you can detox on all levels here. And read below for the link to our Holistic Liver Detox Online Course starting this February 18th 2019!

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Love, Natasha Anand xxx

Clear out the old to make way for the new…

Completely transform your health and wellbeing in 6 weeks without having to do extreme things or spend ridiculous amounts of money!

And with 2 powerful humans who have done it themselves – This is tried & tested – and works!

Course Dates: Monday 18th February – Sunday 31st March 2019

The liver and the gut is the root of our health and the driver of health issues we may have. As we enter into the New Year ask yourself… Is it time for an internal cleanup? Do I want to start the year with energy and clarity, abundance and strength? If your answer is yes… You can rid your body & mind of the acclimation of last year’s toxic waste to step into your full potential for this New Year!

A strong healthy liver and gut gives us a strong immune and hormone system, that creates a strong core energy and increases our longevity and enjoyment of life!

SOOO… I’ve teamed up with the incredibly knowledgeable and experienced Detox Warrior Claire Cockburn from Rawfully Good Detox and together we’ve created a unique, easy-to-follow and interactive HOLISTIC LIVER DETOX ONLINE COURSE based around a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL and HOLISTIC approach to GUT HEALING, LIVER CLEANSING & FULL BODY DETOXIFICATION.

More about the facilitators, Natasha Anand Boojihawon & Claire Cockburn, energy exchange, cleanse kits here

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Who needs this?

^^ Do you have a New Year’s Resolution or intention to clean up your diet or detox?

^^ Do you want to manifest your desires and needs for the new year?

^^ Did you overindulge over Xmas?

^^ Have you struggled to loose weight over the years?

^^ Do you feel sluggish and low energy more than you should and wonder if this will ever change?

^^ Are your hormones imbalanced, you get PMS or experiencing an intense menopause?

^^ Do you have any type of health issues, especially digestive issues like bloating, IBS, allergies and acid reflux.

^^ Do you get frequent colds and flus, infections, feel run down, get acne or other skin breakouts and rashes?

^^ Do you suffer with or anxiety, or have a chronic inflammatory or auto-immune condition(s)…

^^ Are you aware you’ve taken in a lot of toxins over the years from alcohol, air pollution, cigarettes, cosmetic and cleaning products, workplace environmental toxins, car fumes and other?


What this course can do for you!

^^ DETOX THE GUT, LIVER & LYMPHATIC SYSTEM of accumulated toxic waste like heavy metals, waste, hormone metabolites and more gunk stuck at a cellular level that is just recirculating around our system with nowhere to go. In the process we support the detoxification of the lungs, skin, kidneys, lymph and blood too!

^^ RADICALLY IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE & increase your energy & vitality giving you greater productivity.

^^ COUNTERACT & SLOW DOWN AGEING & IMPROVE YOUR LONGEVITY as well as give you the tools to live a long happy healthy life!

^^ DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE YOUR DIGESTIVE FUNCTION including eliminating persistent IBS symptoms and food intolerances and long term gut healing

^^ START TO HEAL CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY ILLNESS that has been difficult to put into remission

^^ PREPARE FOR CONCEPTION and giving your children the absolute best start in life!

^^ GIVE YOU MORE VIBRANT HAIR, SKIN AND NAILS to look tip top for the spring

^^ RELEASE TOXIC STAGNANT ENERGY you’ve been carrying around for years, weighing you down and preventing you from reaching your HIGHEST POTENTIAL!

^^ TRANSFORM & GAIN CLARITY OF THE MIND and align it to your true essence by releasing burdens and heavy energies keeping you in looped states and repeated patterns

^^ STEP UP YOUR CREATIVITY through working with your internal energy systems and creative core

^^ GET YEAST AND CANDIDA OVERGROWTH UNDER CONTROL as well as turf out parasites and unhelpful bacteria.

^^ BOOST YOUR ENETGY CENTRES & SYSTEMS & power up your internal mind, emotional and bodily functions!


^^ SORT OUT STRESS & FEELING WIRED & TIRED, balancing your thyroid and adrenals.

This much?! This is just how much our liver supports the whole system and yes there is a fair bit we need to do to keep ourselves clear, clean and functional and prevent imbalances and chronic health conditions!

More about the facilitators, Natasha Anand Boojihawon & Claire Cockburn, energy exchange, cleanse kits here

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…And give yourself the permission to take things to the next level…

2019 really is the year for transformation and stepping into our true power and this is going to help you get there. Claire and I hope you can join us!

Winter warmer 15 minute bean stew

I’ve just come home after being away working and travelling in Mexico and Guatemala for 5 weeks and the first thing I wanted is flavoursome winter warming grounding food to anchor me into home…. There’s nothing like homemade stew to get you reaquainted with winter and a cosy home…

Plus having been in Central America, I’m so into beans but missing a good ‘ol stew! So here’s my 10 minute quickie for you to enjoy…


2 large portions

Preparation time:

10 minutes

Cooking time:

15 minutes


1 tsp coconut oil

1 tin of organic baked neans

1 large onion, sliced or cubed

Few sprigs of fresh thyme or 1 tsp dried

8 – 10 curry leaves

4 – 6 tbsp coconut creme (to your taste)

1/2 courgette, thinly sliced

4 – 6 tbsp sweetcorn

1 clove garlic

1/2 pint veggie stock (more of less depending the consistency you want)

1 tsp curry powder

A few sprigs of fresh corianer


Any leftovers you have in the fridge

Other veggies like spinach, chickpeas, carrots, peas, brocolli, mushrooms etc.


1. Add the coconut oil to a saucepan with the onions, courgettes, thyme, curry leaves, curry powder and any other veggies that we’d to be cooked you have except leaves like spinach which you out in at the end. Gently simmer on a low – medium heat until soft and fragrant.

2. Add in the baked beans, coconut creme, veggie stock. Be mindful of adding the veggie stock… If you want the stew more liquid-y add in more. Stir well frequently.

3. Add in the optional leftover food or cooked veggies at this point like the sweetcorn or the optional veggies like, chickpeas or peas.

4. Crush the garlic, chop and throw in, giving it a good stir.

5. Add in any leafy greens and out a lid on the pot. Switch off the heat. Leave for 5 mins while you choose up coriander or other herbs to garnish.

6. Sprinkle over garnish and serve.



Have you ever thought about how the colonist and imperialist structures and forces in the outside world have permeated and influenced the most intimate aspects of our being?

For example, how the warped-weird commoditised view of sex has created generations of young people who believe that sex is a disposable, rough, bish-bash-bosh, tick off a list experience… Not a sacred, act of unity between two powerful energy systems that connects the most creative dimensions of our beings together…?

Or how about the overwhelming impulse for everyone to tell each other all the time what to do and how to do it, when to do it and opinions about how they are doing it… Rather than seeing each person as being on their special journey of self-empowerment and enabling them as much as possible to work things out for themselves and come to you when they want support…

These are just 2 examples of coloniser patterns within us… The more we look for them, the more we find…

The process of unravelling from colonisation is not straightforward… Just when you think you’ve done a chunk… something else hits you… Like a tidal wave thats come outa no where…

What do I want to say about Colonisation – Decolonisation? I guess, just that for me, its a lifetime of shedding the imperialist structures and patternings that have colonised by being … Of freeing myself from the heavy residues left from from colonist oppression.

The colonised become the colonisers – the victims become the perpetrators – the judged become the judges… It never ends, the cycle continues.

Until awareness. That we are not it and it is not us.

The awareness that those pattern live within us to teach us how to be free and open, compassionate and caring.

Until we clear these patternings, they perpetuate within and without us…

Please watch these videos with an open heart.

I will be sharing more works on Decolonisation as time goes on, For now, enjoy.

Love, Natasha Anand xx

5 things you can do right now to boost your immune health

How many of us wait till we’ve got a cold or flu to tank up on Vitamin C and other natural medicines? Trust, me, I’ve been through this. Year after year I feel like I’m getting a little more preventative… It’s a process, you see, especially when we’ve been really used to just taking medicine when we need it.

We honour you and your journey – so here are 5 thing you can do today to strengthen your immune system and stay strong and powerful this winter…


Increase intake of foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in your diet is important for fighting oxidative atress but also ensuring your immune system has the building blocks it needs like vitamins A, C, E, D, E and zinc, selenium and magnesium to name just a few. Fresh, organic fruits and vegetables such as berries, citrus, avocado, broccoli, red and green peppers as well as herbs and other herbs and spices such as garlic, ginger, coriander, echinacea (fresh or potent essential oils are good too). Prebiotic/fermented foods feed the beneficial bacteria in the gut – apple cider vinegar, kefir, kombucha, kimchi, asparagus, onions, garlic, leek, Jerusalem artichoke, sauerkraut, oats, apples, cacao, flax seeds, konjac/burdock/yakon/jicama/chicory root, seaweed, miso, tofu, tempeh, tamari (these must be organic if they are soy based). A good multi-vitamin may help too… See below for our recommended product provider. Read our article about antioxidants here.


Exercise more – this can be a long walk or a simple exercise routine… aim for at least 3 times a week and make sure to prioritise this if you tend to go from home to car to desk. Exercise can strengthen your heart which as a result can improve your blood circulation and release of toxins. Moving your muscles will improve the movement of lymph and quicker release of toxins too. Any form of physical activity can improve mental health and mood as well as help dealing with stress by releasing certain chemicals and happy hormones!


Spend more time in the sun in order to increase levels of vitamin D3 – 20 minutes a day exposing your face, arms and legs should do it… This may be challenging, especially when it’s cold outside! We’re known for having limited sunlight up North so a supplement may be necessary if you arent able to get the kind of exposure you need. Check your Vitamin D levels to find out if you have enough vitamin D stored away for the winter and then check again after the winter to see where you are.


Good sleep is so fundamental to our health! There are so many other nutrients and processes that are involved with sleep, particularly related to our hormones that help regulate mood and sleep. Research also shows that our blood sugar levels can become more elevated in the morning and throughout the day if we haven;t slept well the night before – and this causes inflammation in the body! Learn how to improve your sleep hygiene and get deeper, higher quality sleep – Read my article about this here.


Reduce your dependancies with harmful and toxic chemicals, foods and drugs like alcohol, cigarettes, sugar. These can affect our immune system significantly and increase chances of infections as well as delay our immune response to them. Alcohol has a strong, negative effect on the liver function which in turn can affect your body’s strength to release toxins from the bloodstream. Sugar related toxins also increase  At this time of year, we could focus on preventing ourselves from catching any of the viruses and bacteria bourne illnesses – so reducing our toxic load is important. Learn about our body’s innate detoxification system here to go a step further! / Or find out about how probiotics can help detox harmful toxins.

What can we do to help you improve your immune system?

Arrange a FREE 20 minute consultation to explore how we could help you through our complementary holistic therapies. Email Natasha Boojihawon on

Come to your Evolve yoga class to boost your energy systems, reprogramme your body’s response to to toxins and pathogens, and cleanse toxic debris! Literally empower your immune system with high vibe energy!

Use essential oils you can purchase which give the body potent, high quality, therapeutic doses of many of the nutrients discussed above such as rosemary, hemp, thyme, ginger, frankincense (boswellia), chamomile, clove, oregano, grapefruit, fennel, helichrysum, juniper berry, lavender, melaleuca, rosemary, wild orange. Buy amazing potent, clean essential oils from our online shop!
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Love, Natasha Anand xxx

Burden burning kriya set

Powerful Burden Burning Kriya Practice link here

Today – 11:11:11 is a powerful POWERFUL gateway for us to catalyse our transitions into our highest potential… It doesn’t matter what stage you are at on your journey on the course or in life in general – bathe in the energies of 11:11:11 and let this high intensity cosmic shower blast you with high vibe frequencies – recalibrating and activating your DNA and recoding your highest potential.

On so may levels today is epic – the cumulative 33 is also a master number reminding us of the Master teacher that lives within us all… Step into your true power today.

This 11:11:11 sequence code for activating and signaling… An invitation to Transcend, enlighten and manifest…

Let us cast intentions to the universe and burn through our dense and stagnant energies, residues and burdens. Utilise the powerful cosmic energies to burn through your shadow and cultivate the fierceness in you. Any remnants of false self can be transformed… Any stubborn resistances can finally shift…

I’ve created a special and powerful integrated yogic practice to do today (and any day) designed to help you burn through residues, dense and stagnant energies and traumatic burdens and regain balance… For those of you who feel wobbly or have found the shedding process very challenging, you may want to do this kriya set regularly.

Try 3 days, maybe 7 and even….21 days… 21 days is how long it takes to dissolve and create new neural Pathways… So if you want to go really deep with this – or you have the desire to release what are parts are carrying… Then 21 days is for you.

You can do all or part of this kriya to get the effects… You can also shorten or lengthen any of the kriyas or pranayamas. If you had a very limited amount of time, you could literally tailor a short set depending on what your intuitively feelt you needed that day.

If you’re doing this today… It’s going to be epic… Make sure you have time after for integration.

Originally this practice was designed for the students on my and Victoria Sinclair’s online course Lotus Upgrade however I have been guided to share this with you all as a gift from all the amazing Lotus Beings in our constellation.

See the full practice info below:

You’ll can play your own music but it’s not important .

1. OM chant x 1 or x 3
2. Tune into a part you want to work with… Maybe a part that has a co-dependancy or is stuck in a pattern or loop. Ask it to step forward and let it know that it is able to release its burdens, stagnant and dense energies as part of this process. Maybe send the part some compassion or express your curiosity towards the part. You may also ask the part to stay present with you for the duration of the practice to notice how the part feels and reacts, you’ll learn more about this part.
3. Nadi Shodhana – pranayama – alternate nose breathing – balancing left and right hemispheres, Shiva-divine masculine & Shakti-divine feminine energies – 1.5m
4. Prakasha – pranayama – activating kundalini energy & raising Prana – 1.5m
5. Blooming Lotus – Laya Movement – cultivating openness and receptivity of the heart as well as integrating energies – chanting “I am willing, I am open, I am receptive” – 1.5m
6. Shuka Shunya – breath kriya – calms the nervous system, creates focus and calmness, stillness – 2m
7. Kumbaka – breath kriya – connects the heart and 3rd eye, cultivates strength of mind, repatterns neural Pathways – 2m
8. Ego Conquerer – kriya – cultivates will power and determination, reprogrammes neural Pathways, actiates naval intelligence and gut brain connection, generates heat and intense energy to burn – 1m
9. Hat kriya – mantra kriya – chanting hat meaning ‘sun’ invoking the sun energy to burn the residues and energies, activating the solar plexus – our energy processing point and also place we store stagnant energy, strengthening gut brain connection, supporting the nervous system, developing determination and fierceness, strengthening the mind – 1.5m
10. Shiva Kriya 1 – breath kriya – highly detoxifying, releases toxic energies, cultivates fierceness, burns through residues – 3m
11. Brain Bija – Mantra kriya – calms and strengthens the mind, builds awareness, calms the nervous system, reprogrammes neural Pathways, creates focus and coherence in the mind, amazing for brain health and memory – chanting klim (frontal cortex) aim (right hemisphere) shrim (left hemisphere), dissolving dependancies – 3m
12. Sending gratitude to our parts and self.
13. Honouring & taking blessings from the cosmos and the earth.
14. Close with OM chant 1 x or 3 x

Enjoy this beautiful and powerful practice and let me know how you get on.

Love & blessings

Oh Baby Overnight Oats

I cannot describe just how delicious these overnight oats are! They are DIVINE! They are so delicious and naturally sweetened, with optimum nourishment and ridiculously easy to make – theres no other breakfast like it! Or you can have it as a snack or desert after lunch or dinner!

And why is this the perfect breakfast? Well if you load the oats up and then add on extras with healthy options – see our ideas – then it can be a high protein, high healthy fat, low carb breakfast that will energetically sustain you with slow release energy for a long time. And this is important for your 1st meal of the day… No matter when you have it, its got to sustain you – so that does mean lots of protein and healthy fat.

Carbs are quick to break down and fast release energy so you get an energy high and then as your blood sugar levels drop – you feel that dip… And if you eat a lot of carbs generally – the drop will be a DROP – your blood sugar levels drop lower because large amounts of insulin (that are demanded to break down large amounts of carbohydrates or sugar) create this – part of a mechanism to get your body to break down more of your body’s store of fat into sugar to sustain the need for energy.

The beauty of this meal is – you can experiment with it, very safely… without messing it up! Create different favours, combinations and consistencies, the worlds your oyster…

This is my recipe for Orange Overnight Oats… OOOOoooooooo… you’re going to love them…


2 large bowls

Preparation time:

10 minutes

Cooking time:



1 cup gluten free rolled oats

3 tsp chia seeds

Sunflower seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Desiccated coconut

Your favourite nuts and seeds

1/3 tsp ground cinnamon powder (more for medicinal purposes – this is slightly out flavoured by the wild orange essential oil) – you can also use ground cardamon or ginger powder, or add a bit of nutmeg of vanilla

A dozen or so raisins

2 dates – finely chopped

1 1/2 cups water


1 1/2 cups coconut or almond milk (optional – use instead of or in combination with water but not both together… The nut mylk option makes it much more creamier and indulgent but is pricier)

12 drops Wild orange essential oil (buy from my online shop here) – or use 2 tbsp of orange essence or another oil of your choice, for example, ginger (very strong!)

1 tsp raw cacao powder – optional (not used in this recipe but obviously this is amazing!)


1 cup of fresh berries

1 banana – sliced

1 tbsp almond butter or other nut butter

1 tsp of coconut butter shavings

Raw cacao to grate

Or make my homemade granola here

Or anything else you love!


  1. Add at the ingredients into a big bowl.
  2. Leave overnight, out of the fridge (or in the fridge if you live in a hot country)
  3. Serve with your favourite toppings and garnishes.


My morning routine

I  love city living, but I know that if I want to stay living here longer, I’ve got to have balance… My body, personally cant cope otherwise! I’ve refined my morning routine, which I admit, I don’t do all the time, but I endeavour to! And the vast chunk of this routine happens every day!


  1. Get some sun!
  2. Put on beautiful mantra music & move my body!
  3. Drink a pot of cleansing & Detox clove, moringa, guayusa, rosemary essential oil mugwort chai
  4. Drink a glass of my immune & energy Boosting purple juice (recipe coming out on blog next week)
  5. Have some immune system rewiring Pukka Herbs mushroom blend
  6. Keep up with my Biocare liver, thyroid, gut, skin, hair & nails support
  7. Do yoga! An integrated practice of meditation, pranayama, kriya, asana, mantra
  8. Practice S E L F L O V E ~ A P P R E C I A T I O N ~ G R A T I T U D E for showing up today and meeting myself where I’m at.
  9. Simple.

How have I carved out time and space to do this? I doesn’t happen full everyday, of course, but I’m working on it…

The key thing I’ve done is gradually reduce my working hours to 6 hours per day. That’s because looking after No.1 is a job in itself and I’ve got to account for that. I’ve come to terms with the fact that my body needs this much maintenance to be tip top. And thats just me, we’re all different… It may not take you as much as it does me…

The key is to tune into what you need. Like, what do you really really need. Listening intently to all the different parts of your mind – not just the part of you that is loud and clear and is used to planning a lot and making a lot of decisions. What about the quieter ones, the ones who feel like they should have known better when yo get struck down with a cold or flu… The likelihood is, they probably did know better and we can always listen to them a little more intently.

And what does your heart say? What does your heart want?… Listen… breathe… Listen…

Our system knows what we need, its listening and actioning whats needed thats the challenge! For this strengthening of willpower and determination, energy work, yoga, psychotherapy, coaching and movement are all really useful… So… back to self practice!

Be inspired!

All my love x


Heart opening rose cacao

Cacao has been used for thousands of years as a medicine for the emotional, energy and our biochemical systems. It’s properties and benefits are vast, here are a few of them:

*** Cacao has a massive amount of antioxidants, over 40 times the amount of blueberries! It has an ORAC score of 98,000 which is unreal! These antioxidants help to stabilise free radicals, repair damaged tissue and support a range of important processes like detoxification therefore is incredibly anti-inflammatory. Chocolate as part of an anti-inflammatory diet? Yes please!

** Cacao also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis, improving circulation, lowering the levels of LDL (bad) and increasing the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol, and reducing blood pressure.

** Its been shown that cacao can act as an adaptogen, regulating our stress reponse!

*** Cacao has more calcium that cow’s milk, so is great for bones, muscle health and more!

*** Cacao is a great source of chemicals for four scientifically proven happy hormones – serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine. These produce neurotransmitters that are associated with happiness, general wellbeing and can even alleviate depression.

*** Cacao has a large amount of magnesium in it which helps energy metabolism, amongst other things, contributing to a healthy brain and heart! Cacao elevates our productivity to another level and enables us to achieve more, with studies showing a 40% increase in brain function!

*** Medical journals report 80% oxygenation of the body as the cacao causes vasodilation of the blood vessels, meaning we have better endurance, stamina, flow and productivity.

*** Research also shows cacao supports cardiovascular health through cleaning the deposits in the arteries. As cacao dilates blood vessels it reduces the risk of blood clot causing injuries like strokes and also lowers blood pressure.

*** Cacao has is the largest plant source of iron and beats many meat sources too! It has 7.3mg iron per 100g (spinach has 3.6!)!

*** Chocolate contains phytochemicals such as flavonoids which has effects similar to oestrogen, making it great at boosting oestrogen, especially good for women at the menopause phase!

*** Cacao is a multidimensional planet spirit which helps us connect to our emotions and self energy without pushing us into our shadow. In this way we can experience transformations as cacao assists us to be more present with ourselves.

*** Cacao is very energising, which is great for people who need greater productivity or work with high energies in healing, holding space or teaching work.

*** Cacao can help us to lcid dream and remember our dreams!

*** The Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors [MAOI’s] and other consciousness compounds in cacao also act as anti-depressants.

Cacao powder, and cocoa powder are different – the latter can undergo high-temperature processing during production. Cacao tends to remain raw – but check for the processing method. About 70% cacao production is within indigenous communities and tribes that have worked closely with the medicine for 1000s of years – so look out for cacao from these sources! Thats where I get mine!

Although it retains significant health benefits, the high temperatures used to destroy some of the nutritional value. As cocoa undergoes further processing to make reduced-strength dark chocolate and milk chocolate, increasing amounts of the nutrients are removed. Therefore, raw cacao powder, cocoa powder, or very strong dark chocolate are recommended for optimal health benefits.

I make delicious, therapeutic cacao to serve in ceremonies, workshops or even my yoga classes to help people get into their heart space because that exactly what it does! On a biochemical level – the happy hormones flood the body, releasing and opening the heart. Oxytocin that is produced as a result dilates the blood vessels which gives us that feeling of openness, bliss and expansion.

On an energetic levels, the spirit of the plant works to open us up to the cosmic and astral dimensions, connecting us to our higher self so we may experience greater alignment and embody more and more of ourselves. I use cacao as a medicine also to enter into communion with my higher self, guides and further reaches oft he universe. It’s really a very beautifully opening and gentle medicine for divination and healing.

Servings: up to you

Preparation time: 20 minutes or more depending on amount you are making


Raw ceremonial grade 100% cacao – about 10 – 15g per dose for a relaxing causal drink – or up to 25-42g for a ceremonial dose. NOTE: I normally serve between 25 – 35g per ceremonial dosage, depending on the work. I only serve large doses of 35g plus if I have numerous space holders and have prepared for deep chunky work and am able to cope with the facilitating. This is only for experienced practitioners. Please get professional advice if you are not familiar with dosages.

Filtered water (half of your liquid amount – or 1 part)

Nut milk of your choice – I used a rice and coconut blend for this (half of your liquid amount – or 1 part)

Organic rose water – non chemical – I use Steenbergs Organic Rose water with organic rose petal extractives and water

Rose essential oil – the purest quality you can get

Date syrup

Cayenne pepper


  1. Grind the cacao down into a fine powder. If it comes in blocks, you’ll need to chop it up into very small bits with a sharp knife. Then put it into a vitamix or nutribullet type blender. When you get to this stage – make sure you blend in small – medium amounts to make sure all cacao gets equally blended, and stop the blending to give the whole thing a shake to make sure the cacao is moving around the blender. The blender blade tends to heat up and this will melt the very delicate cacao… This is ok, but may get a little messy and you don’t want the cacao to overheat and destroy the nutrients.
  2. Calculate how much of the cacao drink you actually want per person and then add up the total amount. For example… for 2 people you may want 250ml for each serving making 500ml total serving. The less liquid – the more concentrated the flavour and consistency will be.
  3. Add water to a pan to heat up to around 47 degrees celsius… this should be half of the total serving amount – so in the example of above it will be 250ml (the other half will be milk). Add in the ground cacao powder to the water. Turn off the heat. Stir gently but firmly for a few minutes, sending your heartfelt emotions, intentions and prayers to the cacao.
  4. When the cacao is integrated with the water add the milk. Note: the cacao may not look fully integrated/mixed with the water as its mostly fat and needs to be at a very high heat to fully mix. You can try some and test the consistency on your tongue. You’ll know its mixed because the cacao will melt instantly on your tongue. You may heat up the water a little more to mix more, but getting to 50 degrees, you’re starting to really loose some of the life-giving nutrients.
  5. Add a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper to help with blood vessel dilation.
  6. Add in 2 tablespoons of rose water per serving and a drop of rose essential oil per serving.
  7. Add in a smidge of date syrup if needs be to take the edge of bitterness off.